Early Spring Epilogue


With the third years gone, the second years sort out the president and vice president as nominated by the third years. Yuko becomes president with Natsuki as vice. Kumiko’s already missing Asuka as the third years now move to concentrate on their college exams.

After a short time skip to graduation, the band holds a sending off party.

At graduation Kumiko finally tells Asuka what she wanted to say, that she never thought much of Asuka and may have hated her when they first met, but now after getting to know her, she doesn’t want to say goodbye. Asuka gives Kumiko her dad’s notebook of euphonium music pieces and walks away not saying goodbye.

After looking in the notebook, Kumiko finds out that the piece that Asuka played her by the river was actually called Hibike Euphonium.


Whilst I think last episode could’ve acted as a final episode, I’ll admit that this episode was definitely designed for us to bid farewell to the series.

I have to get my criticism out of the way first, being of course Shuichi. We had another scene with him, very short, that tied into last episode’s scene. It felt forced in a way that it was used to try and validate Shuichi and Kumiko’s scene last episode.

On the topic of the president and vice president it fits well to have Yuko’s personality as the president and Natsuki as vice with a more reserved personality. But it only fits well due to reversing the current leadership roles with Asuka and Haruka. I guess that’s what they’re looking for right now and let’s not forget the two are a fun duo who bounces off each other quite well.

It was nice that Kumiko closed the book on Asuka’s relationship as well this episode. Thanks to Asuka’s parent troubles Kumiko got much closer to a good friend and it seems that they understood each other well. It’s one of those things where at first you don’t like someone and then due to being together for so long develop a great friendship that’s the hardest to let go.

The two shared many a heart to heart this season and it was probably one of the better relationship developments of the series. It’s also quite sad to see them part but I liked how Asuka said her goodbye by not saying it. Again, I still see myself in her as well and I can’t deny it, that’s probably something I would do too.

The second season as mentioned previously was much more arc based which is harder to judge overall as I have to think do I take each story arc separately or is it the overall package? But I think in both respects it didn’t disappoint. Sure there were times when the story telling of arcs didn’t fit that well into the flow of the episodes, some arcs were weaker than others and also out of pure personal bias I liked some more than others. However, I can’t fault how detailed and immaculate the anime was with its animation and BGM.

I don’t know about you, but whilst I don’t think this anime will sit in any of top lists, purely for personal reasons, it still will be an honourable mention in any best anime list I create, if I create any. It was a masterclass in how a teenage drama should be made.