Dezel the Wind Seraph


Rose returns from her assassination as if nothing’s happened and gets up early to prepare for the morning trade. Sergei comes by with small gifts to apologise for his alcohol influenced behaviour the night before and joins Rose and Sorey for breakfast.

Sergei learns of the Bishop’s death from ‘illness’ but believes it to be an assassination. However there are more issues as the ground has caved in near the church. Sorey suspects malevolence so goes with him to check it out.

Descending into the caved in ground Sorey and Serghei arrive at the underground water system. They continue to a dead end which has been blocked off by the Blue Storm Knights and even Sergei can’t be let through. Sergei admits that there is likely something wrong beyond what the Blue Storm Knights are guarding. He explains that the Platinum Knights are protectors of the imperial family but have been losing power to the Blue Storm Knights who are the protectors of the church.

Meanwhile Rose meets with Guren’s wife to be told that Guren has disappeared when working for the church. She knows that this means he’s likely dead and is angry at the church. She knows she shouldn’t act on her feelings so Dezel appears before her and says he’ll go.

As Sorey and Sergei come back up from underground, they are stopped by Gouldman, the leader of the Blue Storm Knights. But they are interrupted as Dezel wastes no time in attacking the church as a storm starts brewing.


Am I missing something? Because I have no idea who this Guren guy is. I mean I don’t think the show’s done a great job of telling us either by only showing a sketch of him. It sounds like someone that Rose was close to though, you wouldn’t be that angry after hearing of his death if he wasn’t close. I’m going to assume he’s not important for us and is purely a plot device to spur Dezel into action. I’d expect much more otherwise, because frankly I couldn’t care less if this random guy is dead or not.

I care so little that I’m more interested in how Rose is able to function on so little sleep living two lives. And here I thought living one is hard enough. I can barely function on the normal 7-8 hours sleep I have. With the time she wakes up and when she got back, my estimation is that she only slept 3-4 hours at most. I know some people don’t need that much sleep, but you can’t survive long on that little…

Good to see Dezel unleashed, he’s been hanging quietly in the background for a while and it’s about time he took the stage. On the topic of seraphs, it’s quite interesting to see the contrast between Rose and Alisha’s attitude towards them. There was Alisha’s curiosity and now Rose’s denial. Ironically the curiosity comes from someone who can’t sense them and denial from someone who can, although not as strongly as Sorey. I wonder perhaps that’s why the difference occurs, when you don’t want something to happen but it happens the first stage is denial isn’t it? But if you’ve never known it was around, you might be interested to find out more. Of course it’s much deeper than that.

On the topic of contrasting characters, I see that’s exactly what they’re going for with Sergei and Gouldman. The righteous knight on the side of the people, and maybe, an evil knight looking out for personal gain. But I guess we don’t know the full details yet, he just seems evil but could be acting on orders. Regardless, with the side he’s on, it looks inevitable that there’ll be a fight somewhere. For now though it might actually be internal as Sorey will likely look to try and stop Dezel from destroying the church.

This one was a bit of a slow paced episode, I don’t mind it particularly at the moment as after just coming back into the anime and going into a new plot, some explanations and chilled out comedy is nice to see.