Each Philosophy


Dezel’s storm crumbles the walls around the church and the other seraphim rush to stop him. A short exchange of abilities tears up the church walls further, but Dezel is ultimately stopped by Lailah.

Dezel explains his backstory when he was with a group of mercenaries with the leader called Brad. He found Rose as a child on the battlefield and now she carries on Brad’s will so he does anything for her.

Gouldman finds Sorey afterwards. He’s put Sergei in confinement and wants Sorey’s help in overthrowing the Imperial family. Sorey refuses, but will go to Pendrago with them. He wants to meet more people and learn. He thinks about his ideals of creating a world where people and seraphim can coexist, but curses himself that he can’t even stop humans from fighting themselves.

Sorey returns to Rose’s base and bids farewell to Mayvin as he leaves who tells Sorey to be true to himself.

Back in Hyland, Alisha’s unit is ambushed and annihilated, Maltran was also taken prisoner. But Alisha remembers Sorey’s words to stay strong and she continues onwards to take back Hyland from the corrupt.


There’s some interesting scenes this episode that seems disturbing, but so normal. I point to one scene being Lailah unleashing her powers onto Dezel without a care for the further destruction and the potential wounds on a fellow Seraph. Granted she’s acting sort of on Sorey’s orders and it’s likely that she knew Dezel can survive, it’s still a little harsh to go at each other when Sorey’s trying to create a peaceful world. The other scene is Rose as a child playfully training with knives. I suppose like with any idea, if you ingrain it within the child when they’re young, it’ll stick more and they’ll just assume that it’s the way of the world. Explains more why Rose has no malevolence through her assassinations.

Mayvin also gave an interesting answer to the question posed last episode. In my view, there were only two answers to the dilemma when you’re faced with a situation of killing one to save many and that is either logical, i.e. looking at it by the numbers, or emotional. Whilst I feel that Rose is operating on the former and it’s probably easy for her because of no close relationships and a trained assassin, Mayvin interestingly tells Sorey to follow what he thinks is right, and I’d label that as the emotional choice.

I won’t say that Rose is completely unaffected because her anger at the church because of Guren spurred Dezel to action. I remember in Bakuman, Mashiro said ‘If it’s something you decide for yourself, you’ll never truly regret it.’ Which I suppose is true if you give yourself enough time to consider the options and settle on a decision. Unfortunately, when it comes to life and death, sometimes it’s not a decision you have time to think through. I guess my point is that this isn’t black and white as with many things in life.

Regardless, the Dezel battle was as well animated as expected and I was very disappointed we only got a few minutes of a near full scale battle. Still, I can now look forward to the battles ahead and what they might look like because this one was pretty good and one of the first times seeing the Seraphs in action. The movements were fluid, and although I’m still not convinced on the CG, it was actually pleasant to watch and well integrated, unlike Hand Shakers…

The next part of the episode is as discussed above with a more in depth look at what Sorey wants to accomplish and the not so straightforward decisions. But the final part is an interesting one as Alisha’s unit is taken out. I believe it’s still that the inner political circle is trying to get rid of her without it looking like such.

The main reason it’s interesting is that she never really got any story in the game even though she was meant to be one of the main characters. I wonder if this is the anime making up for that. Her character development was definitely something I remember the game lacking. I believe there was actually a separate story released for her as a DLC, but I never had the time to play that. This’ll do as a substitute for me, so I look forward to seeing how far Alisha has come.