Rose has now found the person responsible for the death of Brad and is ready for revenge. Sorey heads off to Pendrago with Gouldman and they go separate ways. Mikleo and Edna tag along with Rose to keep an eye on her. They are filled in on details of what’s going on from Dezel that Rose is currently on an assassination mission to kill Prince Konan who betrayed and killed Brad.

After hearing this Mikleo races back to tell Sorey whilst Edna stays to keep Dezel in check. Mikleo arrives back and Sorey finally understands everything, that Rose is the head of the Scattered Bones and rushes off to stop her.

Sorey arrives as Rose strikes Konan. But Konan isn’t killed instantly by the vital blow and guards flood into the room.


Before I get into discussion again and my usual rants, I do wonder why Konan didn’t finish them all off when he betrayed Brad. Of course it could be the very simple fact that Rose was able to get away, but I feel like the betrayal would’ve been well planned enough that he wouldn’t have let any escape let alone two.

The other thing I was thinking about was that Sorey seemed genuinely shocked to find out Rose is an assassin and leads the Scattered Bones. This was definitely not how it was in the game, but I thought from previous episodes he had suspected it, even to a point where I thought he knew but didn’t want to accept it. I mean why else would he send Mikleo to keep an eye on them? Unless that was for Dezel, which I find hard to believe.

Now I come to the main discussion/rant if you want to call it that. There are some fundamental themes going on here, one that Rose is saying killing evil is justifiable, two Sorey is following ideals of everyone getting along and resolving issues without violence, three this is a very personal issue for Rose. When I wrote the above three points the first time I felt it was clear cut, but thinking about it, everything overlaps.

Rose believes killing is a necessary evil, therefore she isn’t malevolent. But that said, she realises she’s going to hell, doesn’t that mean what she thinks they’re doing is wrong? If so, why continue and especially this time it’s a revenge case which sounds like personal gain only? Why doesn’t that make it malevolent? Rose has been a very special case thus far being someone who has carried out so many ‘deeds’ yet not consumed or even slightly tainted by malevolence. That leads me to think the reason is because she honestly believes what she is doing is righteous and just, yet she agrees she is going to hell for this. That’s a huge contradiction I can’t ignore yet don’t understand how it works.

As Edna says, no one deserves to be killed, which is our current society, we put them in jail to suffer for their crimes and take away their freedom. Many would say execution is barbaric and gives them an easy way out. Maybe so, but this is probably a discussion for another time. I guess it partially comes down to if there’s another way to punish those who are wrong. But my question then is, is making someone suffer for their crimes worse and so evil in another form? Maybe that’s why Rose kills, mercy killing in a way?

This is of course all to contrast Sorey and his grand ideals. But honestly, as much as I love the fictional ideals of not hurting anyone and still achieving justice, it could be unachievable. Who knows, maybe Rose missed unconsciously on purpose because of being influenced by Sorey? Or the possibility is there that Konan is so evil he’s already a hellion and so can survive a stabbing.