Justice at Hand Rather than Ideals Beyond One’s Reach


Although Rose’s blades skewers through Konan’s hands, he manages to hold her back. Turns out he’s already a hellion and fights back hard before destroying the platform they’re on sending everyone into the lake below. There is no further sign of him and the gorup move on with the assumption that he’s dead.

On the way to Pendrago, Sorey explains malevolence and the current weather conditions in the world to Rose and also explains to her that she confronted and stopped her own malevolence, hence why she has not been consumed by it.

Dezel explains to the other seraph that he plans to support Rose as she will carry out Brad’s will as his successor.

They are greeted by the platinum knights on Sergei’s orders to divert Sorey in another direction as the blue knights have set up checkpoints along the main road. Sorey and the others ride through a nearby forest full of malevolence and Rose curses herself for being useless in a world of what she can’t see.


It looks like we’re not quite leaving this long discussion yet. Although the anime’s decided for Rose that she is wrong and killing doesn’t necessarily end anything bad in this world. From a theoretical point it stands, as in rather than killing off each malevolent person as they’ll keep popping up again, it’s better to remove malevolence altogether, at least that’s the case in this anime, not quite how our world works as much as I would like it to be. On that premise I’m okay to accept this resolution.

It’s an interesting learning point for her though, can’t solve everything with violence. What will she do now is my question. Her vengeance is fulfilled and she also understands a little more about malevolence. Maybe she’ll follow Sorey’s path and help him in the background, or reconsider the scattered bones and travel as the sparrowfeathers from now on.

I do wonder why they turned Konan into a hellion though, to give this episode a bit of action? It’s not like Rose hasn’t killed humans before so I doubt there were going to be any conflicts. Maybe it acted as a plot device for Konan to be MIA so that exchange between Rose, Sorey and Dezel could occur? Regardless of being unnecessary I did enjoy the short fight.

Although that was it for this episode as this was basically what the episode was about. Rose’s realisation and some further backstory to when she met Brad for the first time. I did wonder how the first meeting was, and I guess it was kinda expected. To be able to raise an assassin like Rose with no malevolence, i.e. no idea what she’s doing is wrong, it’s they gotta start young. So it’s only natural that it was someone who would be willing to give a five year old a knife and ask them to come along, as surreal as that scene was.

That hopefully ends this ‘segment’ of the story and we can move on. The episodes have been quite slow paced recently as well as only focusing on an overarching question that I don’t feel was that difficult to answer in the end. They just wanted to go about it in a very roundabout way.