Sorey makes it to Pendrago and meets up with Sergei who leads him to the residence of Doran, emperor of Rolance.

Doran comes to greet Sorey and takes him in to have a chat. He talks about his knowledge of malevolence and a story from the past from the storyteller Mayvin. He also tells Sorey that there are internal political difficulties in Hyland where Alisha has been branded a traitor and detained.

Sorey asks to head to the church where he’s been feeling malevolence from in Pendragi. On the way, Rose has come to a decision and requests to become Sorey’s squire so that she can see the malevolence and help him.

They arrive at the church where the pope Masedra attempts them to stop them from entering but Dezel forces his way in. They find a dead rotting dragon inside exuding large amounts of malevolence. Although Sorey doesn’t want Rose to share his burden Rose is adamant to become his squire. So the pact is made and they team up to purify the dragon.

Alisha finally is able to make telepathic contact with Sorey and informs him of her situation. She’s not detained and is outside Ladylake with her comrades and is being hunted. She asks for Sorey’s help before the connection is cut off. Sorey decides to set for Ladylake.


A couple of interesting minor points were mentioned this episode that I’m surprised wasn’t expanded on. The first one being Doran being Konan’s father. It was mentioned once but Rose doesn’t do anything and isn’t too bothered by it, I thought there could’ve potentially been some conflicts of interest but got nothing.

Then secondly was the mention of Velvet Crow. If this is their idea of trying to validate the random two advertising episodes for Tales of Berseria, they have to do far better. I was actually happy accepting that it’s their anime so do you two episode special to promote your game. But if you’re actually trying to string it into the main anime I expected better than a minor backstory that isn’t particularly important to the plot either. Maybe there will be more to be expanded on later, but they need something to do more to legitimize adding ‘the X’ as well to the name of the anime.

I was then looking forward to some form of potential small scale battle with the addition of squire Rose but we only get a rotting dragon that can’t fight back. Still, not like that itself is a bad thing as it raises a lot of questions i.e. the most obvious is why is there a rotting dragon in a church, and I’m not talking about the logistics of it. Disappointingly though they didn’t expand on it either this episode nor does it look like they will with the gang now heading to Ladylake.

At least I can look forward to hopefully everyone back together next episode as this episode definitely left a lot to be desired.