Tornados are springing up around Ladylake and Alisha first heads to a nearby town to help the citizens who’s town was destroyed.

Back in Ladylake, Baltrow continues to have his way with the political system of the country and order more troops to track down Alisha. They track down Alisha quickly enough but their battle is cut short by a flood of malevolence that overwhelms everyone around it, until Zaveid comes by and eliminates it.

Baltrow goes one step further and crucifies Maltran in the middle of the city to lure Alisha in. Alisha ponders what she needs to do next, kill her own people to save her teacher, or buy more time and let her teacher die? Having made up her mind, she heads straight for Ladylake next.

Sorey notices a huge tornado heading for Ladylake and sets off as well.

With her comrades, Alisha arrives at Ladylake and scales its walls in the dead of night and begins her operation to save Maltran.


The big thing for this episode was the hope that the anime would speed up the pace i.e. Alisha reaches Ladylake and so does Sorey and we can continue with the story, but sadly it didn’t happen and the entire episode was a slow trip to get to Ladylake without much plot going on.

Still, it’s been ages since we’ve seen anything of Alisha and it’s good to her and how different she is to Sorey. I loved how she ignores Lunarre trying to psyche her out.

She also takes her squire responsibilities very seriously, helping people and still trying to eliminate the malevolence even though she’s not that strong. She understands her situation very well and knows that she can’t do everything alone. Nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it. So it was nice to see Zaveid pop back in for a quick appearance but unfortunately doesn’t stay. I also expected the crucifixion to be a little more graphic.

Otherwise I really have nothing to say, it was one of those kinda episodes where I was wondering when anything would start and then when would it end. Afterwards it was ‘is that it?’. At least they scaled the wall at the end of the episode so I’ll be pretty annoyed if nothing big happens next episode. It’s like watching a dull non action game of league of legends with really bad macro… if you understand that…