Bartlow is well aware of Alisha’s movements and Ladylake’s guards are well prepared to intercept her. He lights up the centre where Maltran is chained to lure her further in.

Lunarre hopes to watch a good show and talks to Maltran, but Maltran is calm knowing that Alisha is not coming to save her. She’s heading for her father.

Sorey closes in on the Tornado and notices a dragon at its centre. He believes that they only say dragons can’t be purified because no shepherd has had enough power to purify one. He believes he can do it with everyone’s help.

Alisha reaches her father and requests he put an end to the fighting. But she soon realises that her father has become tainted with malevolence. Bartlow appears and attempts to kill her, but is blocked by her father who is killed in the crossfire. This is witnessed by his troops and he jumps off the side of the building to kill himself to ‘escape’.

The tornado hits Ladylake and rips apart its walls, the dragon inside reveals itself and attacks. Sorey armatises with Mikleo to shoot it down and with Rose and Alisha’s help he absorbs the dragon’s malevolence and successfully purifies it.


This is the same feeling I had a few episodes ago, this episode left a lot to be desired. Maybe it’s because we saw the potential of what a huge scale battle could look like when fighting against Dezel, so anything below that feels lackluster.

I can hardly be blamed for expecting more when there’s a dragon to fight. I thought this was supposed to be a huge thing, taking out a dragon that is. They certainly made it anticlimatic. I want to refer back to the game as little as possible, but sometimes I have to, Rose in the game could also armatise. Here she’s retired to a helper like Alisha. I wanted to see a double armatise plus seraph fight against the dragon. Again, I emphasis, a dragon is a huge deal. I don’t understand how this was so easy. Sure you can say that Sorey’s grown, but we haven’t seen much of that either.

Other parts leaving a lot to be desired would be Bartlow’s death. For a villain that’s been pulling strings in the background all season, he died way too quick and was found out too easily. For one thing, I expected him to have some guards when he appeared in the throne room to fight Alisha. Another thing is that, did he even die? Yeah okay he jumped, but we didn’t confirm it, from Alisha’s expression she probably saw a mangled corpse on the floor, but who knows, I only ask because he said he won. I’ll just assume he said that because he killed the king.

It’s not all bad though, following on from last episode’s theme of Alisha’s growth, it’s good to see that she saw through Bartlow’s trap and went straight for her father. I also really enjoyed the insert song when fighting the dragon, ‘Rising Up’. Though that just made me expect more from an eventual tame fight.

I guess after writing down my thoughts, I realise what I want are two episodes to resolve everything here. One for Bartlow’s downfall and one for the dragon fight, you could easily expand on both. Especially when I thought there’d be something more with the malevolent father who resembled a hellion in Alisha’s eye reflection.

Without many episodes left, and the end in sight with the appearance of Symonne. Can I hope for a quality battle as the final battle?