The Ideal World


Nine days after taking down the dragon both Rose and Alisha finally wake up from their coma and realise that they have taken down the dragon and would be willing to do it again.

Symmone appears again telling them that the Lord of Calamity can’t be defeated and shows them his power and the malevolence that he’s been amassing in the north.

Lailah hands Sorey another celestial record which details the start of malevolence, which was from Velvet Crowe.

Sorey plans to head north and a bunch of support from Hyland’s own people are coming too. On the way, Atakk brings other Normins and they also meet Sergei who agrees to help too.

Dezel suggests to try armatization for Alisha and Rose, however neither are able to and collapse.


With how this is very calm, I really hope there will be a storm at the end of this long journey. That’s what I’ve been waiting for all season and having seen snippets already of what the animation is capable of increases my anticipation. For destinations, it’s always about the journey, but when it’s like this and going up for a final showdown with the episodes ticking down, the journey just isn’t that interesting especially when it’s this uneventful.

Maybe it’s because the anime has slowed tremendously and there’s been a lot of scattered focus in the last couple of episodes that I’m waiting for something big to happen.

Symonne is an odd character, but I think I remember she was like this during the game. She’s not neutral, but definitely somewhere in between the two ideals that the Lord of Calamity and Sorey seek. Perhaps that’s why she’s sending the two to meet each other in battle so that they can decide it.

The armatization attempt was a little strange. Like I mentioned in the last episode, Rose was able to armatize with anyone in the game as she had a high affinity with the seraphim, being around Dezel for so long helped. However here nothing is mentioned until now. Maybe it’s because they’re preparing for the final battle so they want the full arsenal ready. The more interesting part is giving Alisha a try.

Another thing about the game was that Alisha was rarely seen, I think I also mentioned this before as well that how maybe this is the anime trying to make up for that by giving her a more engaging role in the anime and giving her armatization. That said, I know Alisha had an extra DLC story, but I never got to play it.

There were some fun lighter moments as the anime showed how far the characters have come e.g. Alisha and Rose becoming really good friends from back when it was assassin and target and Dezel and Zaveid settling into the group together with some alcohol. It was also good to see familiar faces pop up for the final battle like Sergei and the Normins, but sadly I’m still waiting for something to happen.