I was starting to type up my Spring/Summer 2017 preview when I remembered that it’s usually around this time of year my blog birthday is, and it certainly was, so apologies for a few days delay, the blog’s birthday is indeed on the 25th March.

Year number 7 now, I start to wonder myself how I still keep going. I guess self enjoyment, sure I don’t have many readers and I love and value all of you who still are around. I also don’t have much time, but hey, this has been too ingrained in my life that it’s hard to let go even if I only manage a blog now and then, I won’t let it die just yet anyway.

The weather’s getting warmer, I’m on holiday, I finally have no more exams and I’m very slowly trying to start a relationship. Life is kinda chill right now. Highlight of my year is of course passing my final exam to be officially ACA qualified, though you won’t find my name in the membership list as this isn’t my real name. But I’m sure you all knew that anyway, still, any accounting or auditing needs, please let me know anyway, who knows, I might be able to lend a hand.

I’ve never really talked about relationships before, but that’s mainly because I was too focused on exams to care, now that it’s over I can start thinking about my future in that regard as well. I remember thinking that once I qualified I’d start looking for someone, but I’ll say one thing, it sure isn’t easy. I’m not exactly a normal person either, that doesn’t help. I’m also not conventionally attractive either, which again doesn’t help. Still, I’ll keep trying.

The other big news is I’m buying a house! Stepping onto the property ladder is difficult and I’m very proud and happy to say that I’ve saved enough over the last three and a half years to be able to afford a deposit for a flat, being an accountant probably helped. It’s all happening now after I qualified, suddenly it feels like I’ve grown up a lot, even though nothing’s changed. But I definitely feel more comfortable and confident with life, more so than before, and have moved forwards.

That’s kinda where I am, moving on with life after finally completing my studies, hopefully anyway, not planning to do more exams. And now I’m flying tomorrow for an extended weekend holiday with a good friend of mine. In terms of anime, I’ll leave my comments for the Spring/Summer preview.