The Land to the North


Sorey and gang continue their journey north as the weather changes to winter. Symonne tags along with them.

Alisha  and Rose continue practicing their armatisation but are still unable to master it.

As they get closer to the Lord of Calamity, the malevolence grows stronger until they arrive at a field of dragons. Sorey leads the charge through the dragons and Rose and Alisha both succeed in armatising to follow up.

Lunarre watches them from afar and decides that he wants to do one thing of good and helps clear out the malevolence in front of them as well.

Finally Symonne takes action and turns on them. Taken by surprise, everyone is knocked out. She calls forth the Lord of Calamity and offers herself up as a sacrifice to be turned into a dragon to face them.


And I thought last episode was a nice build up ‘calm before the storm’ episode. But this episode builds it up more, although a little less calm. I’ll say one thing, they can’t seriously drag out the calm any longer, surely next episode has to be the main battle I’ve been waiting for.

I’m surprised that Rose and Alisha’s armatisation happened this episode, I expected a big build up and then in some high spirited shounen style both of them armatise to fight the Lord of Calamity. But without much fanfare they both manage it here to help clear out dragons. Though by the look of the end of the episode it doesn’t seem like that helped as they’re now both useless in the upcoming battle. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t be able to help much anyway.

The other interesting things were Lunarre and Symonne. In the end, I still don’t understand Lunarre’s role. When he appeared out of nowhere at the beginning of the series I always thought he’d play a bigger part, but it was never that clear what he was meant to be. Here at least he was clear he wanted to help, even if he didn’t understand it himself. But I’m annoyed that he just died, if he died, with a whimper. I don’t understand the purpose of that.

Symonne is the other side to this, she eventually decided that following her lord was the right choice and allowed herself to be dragon-ified and joins him. Both the impact and the reasoning was clear here and actually, I’m very interested how they deal with another dragon as I’m hoping for a better battle than the last battle which left much to be desired.

As much as I want to be objective, I feel like my experience having played the game is influencing my opinion. For one thing I feel maybe the double armatisation for Rose and Alisha would actually be very big for those who don’t haven’t played the game and haven’t seen it and of course a field of dragons would be pretty cool too to see. Maybe it’s just me, but again everything feels lackluster at the moment.