Become the Wind


The Lord of Calamity makes the announcement that he will head to the centre of the world and Sorey follows.

Dezel convinces Zaveid to lend him his gun as he lacks energy to fight and help Rose create her ideal world.

They reach a town and rest as Rose is still unconscious. She wakes up and instantly jumps to her feet to show that she’s ready when she hears that they might leave her behind if she’s not in a condition to continue.

After arriving at the centre of the world, which is a volcano, Sorey, Rose and Alisha head on without the rest.

They reach more dragons and have to fight. Dezel wants to use Zaveid’s gun to clear the way and kill the dragons. But Sorey stops him with determination that he’ll purify everything including the Lord of Calamity.

Dezel is convinced and dives into all of the dragons with Rose sacrificing himself as wind to purify everyone one and clear the way.


I can’t not be biased in this review. Spoiler alert, Dezel did indeed die in the game, but it was handled so much better with a more pronounced sense of urgency and also a sense that it needed to be done. This anime death though, not so much. There was no need for Dezel to die, he didn’t have to do what he did and I felt absolutely nothing. Was it done purely for setting up the final showdown? It felt that way, and it was all too empty. There wasn’t much set up, there wasn’t much explanation either, for one thing Zaveid could’ve stepped in and shot all the dragons. It just didn’t feel necessary and heavily forced.

Following on from that, it was yet another calm before the storm episode, as if we haven’t had enough already. I was really hyped at the end of last episode when Symonne-dragon appeared, who didn’t do much either, and the Lord of Calamity looked ready to brawl. But sadly he vanished and lures Sorey in.

Another thing I don’t get is what was the point of everyone else? i’m talking about Sergei, normins etc. Yeah okay they were there, but it was more like morale boosting than anything else. During the big fights they weren’t around and now that the main fight is up ahead they’ve all been left behind. I really hope they weren’t here just for the dramatic entrances of everyone coming together to show how everyone has made up and become friends.

I’ve also heard that the last episode, being the 25th, will not be broadcasted until late April. I hope that it’s an epilogue and not the final battle because I for one have had enough build up episodes.

Maybe I’m too harsh on the episode, but Dezel’s undeeded, forced and hollow death has really annoyed me and I can’t escape my bias this time.

I realised I haven’t mentioned anything on Velvet Crowe, but it’s the usual mentions, I kinda hope that something bigger will happen involving the past and not just linking it through stories in a book. Although it’s gotten better.