The Chosen Answer


Heldalf fights a short battle with Maotelus of the Five Lords. Sorey arrives and attacks entering a recreation of the past in Heldalf’s memories.

The previous shepherd, Michael, meets with Heldalf (pre Lord of Calamity) at Camlann. This is where Michael want to create a place of coexistence between Seraphim and humans. He wanted Heldalf’s help in protecting the village and introduces him to Maotelus. But Heldalf betrays him and the village was destroyed in the crossfire of the war with Hyland.

Maotelus succumbs to the malevolence of the battle but believes that he will be purified by the next shepherd. Michael sacrifices himself and his sister’s child in rage to curse Heldalf to eternal solitude. From that curse, malevolence built up over many years to create the Lord of Calamity.

Sorey tries talking to Heldalf, but the curse that Michael left doesn’t allow Heldalf to talk and increases the malevolence.

Sorey believes the only way to beat Hedalf is to armatise with everyone incorporating in all the elements and so makes a contract with Zaveid and successfully armatises with everyone.


As previously mentioned we’re not going to see the end of this series for a month. I had hoped the ‘final’ episode would be only an epilogue rather than the actual final battle as we’ve had many build up episodes. But nevermind, this is the way it’s going to be, here’s hoping I don’t forget what happened. Though it’s only one thing I need to remember, i.e. the armatisation, as I already knew roughly the history behind Heldalf anyway.

Though even watching it a second time I still find it depressing. Betrayed by someone you trust with enough anger and hatred to kill yourself and your sibling’s child just to curse that one person. Although, I guess if Michael didn’t sacrifice himself in the curse, he would’ve turned into a hellion with that much hatred just waiting to be turned into malevolence.

Still, even if it isn’t the final battle it’s good to get some context on the history of the Lord of Calamity. From an objective point of view, as much as he could’ve ended up like any big bad evil villain with no purpose at all, I’m glad that it isn’t the case and there’s a story behind it.

It’s quite a sad turn of events with what happened to Hedalf when you think about it. Yes he betrayed Michael, yes he probably was responsible for many deaths, but I feel he only wanted to do what’s right for him and peace overall. I’m sure everyone knows the old latin phrase that translates to ‘those who want peace, prepare for war’. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt that all he wanted was peace and war was the way he felt he could achieve it. After all, Michael surely would’ve sensed the malevolence in him otherwise.

After waiting this long, I really hope the final episode brings it all back for me. Honestly though, I feel like I’ll have forgotten most of it when we get there as I hope to be engrossed in all the new anime that I’ll be watching from the spring season.

Speaking of which, my season preview blog is coming up soon for that, I’ve recovered from my holiday, so just sorting a lot of things out now and catching up with blogging too.