Part 1 – ‘Episode 14’

A flashback starts the episode going back in time to the arrival of the Dark Masters and two humans who were then present in the Digital World. The Four Digimon Sovereigns also appear and dispel the Dark Master’s arrival.

Back in present time, everyone meets their own Digimon partners once more but they can’t remember anything and it looks like going back to the real world will be difficult too as the digital world is still unstable.

Their reunion is cut short as Meicoomon appears, however she hasn’t forgotten anything. She cries that Mei isn’t here and disappears via a distortion. Meanwhile in the real world, Mei has gone missing.

Knowing that Meicoomon is out there and the distortion hasn’t disappeared, everyone decides it’s best to search for her. But when they call for their Digimon, they’ve all digivolved to rookie.

Part 2 – ‘Episode 15’

Unfortunately whilst everyone else seem to be getting along with their old Digimon, Sora is having trouble with Biyomon and Tai and Matt try to help but can’t understand her feelings.

In the real world, it’s noticed that Himekawa is missing. We learn more of her history and that she was actually here before the ‘original’ Digidestined and lost her Digimon when the Dark Masters attacked. She studied the reboot to attempt to revive her Digimon. Daigo figures this out from her confidential files before Hackmon appears.

Meicoomon appears once more but everyone has bigger issues as a Machinedramon attacks separating everyone into random locations. Sora ends up finding Meiko in a dessert with Biyomon.

Part 3 – ‘Episode 16’

Hackmon is neither friend nor foe, he is a messenger from Homeostasis the one who wishes for stability. Gennai is the one that keeps the balance between good and evil but has fallen into a darkness that is quickly spreading around the Digital World. He also informs Daigo that Himekawa is in the Digital World of her own free and has been cooperating with Ygdrasil for her own purposes.

The separated Digidestined and Digimon attempt to find each other whilst reconnecting with the Digimon. Meicoomon appears again to find Sora and Mei but Machinedramon attacks again, set onto them by Ken who turns out to be the dark Gennai that Hackmon mentioned.

This opens up distortions around the Digital world allowing everyone to reconvene to fight together as Gennai summons out Metalseadramon.

Part 4 – ‘Episode 17’

Himekawa finds Tapirmon but unfortunately Tapirmon runs not wanting anything to do with a stranger and Himekawa falls into despair.

Tai and Matt face off against Metalseadramon and nearly die in the sea from saving their partner Digimon. But because of that they seem to come to an understanding and both Agumon and Gabumon warp Digivolve to mega.

Back at the Machinedramon fight, after Sora put herself in danger to save Biyomon again, they finally connect and Biyomon digivolves to Phoenixmo. and take out Machinedramon.

But back on the boat, Gennai is able to get a hold of Meiko and knocks her out forcing Meicoomon into digivolution in anger.


Right, I’ll say one thing to start, the episode was enjoyable, it brought my back to the days watching the original series and the fight versus the Dark Masters. Especially Wargreymon vs Metalseadramon that was a good flashback to old times. Machinedramon fight was good too, didn’t have to get Wargreymon this time to slice him like an onion, if you get what I mean and of course it’s good seeing Phoenixmon adding another to the mega roster.

But, that’s kinda where my compliments to this episode ends and y’know what, if it’s purely for the nostalgia, it was great. But from a narrative sense, the episode was poor. The big plot for this episode/movie was Sora and as the poster suggested, her mega evolution. So unsurprisingly we got a conflict between Sora and Biyomon. I’m probably one of many thinking this, but every part of the story behind it felt extremely forced, the way it started, the way it resolved. I guess I would’ve accepted a little more if all the rest of the Digimon didn’t warm up to their partners so openly and quickly.

That wasn’t all that was disappointing, dark Gennai was over the top. I mean seriously did he have to lick? All of the old villains had great personalities and was easily identifiable, just look at Etemon and Myotismon. They were both awesome and great villains that ‘spoke for themselves’. It felt here that again, they had to force a few of those over the top actions to make the point clear which turns them into a generic villain. Disguising himself as Ken and summoning back the old Dark Masters is evil enough and I don’t think the episode needed to make him act on his own as well.

And another thing, as great as it is to see all of the evolution sequences, do they really have to play them out in full? I remember a time when they did split screens for multiple digivolutions, even that would be better than this. I’m pretty sure we lost a lot of time to long digivolution sequences. Surely they’re not struggling that much on either plot or animation budget right…?

Ah well, at least more was explained and we’re understanding more behind everyone’s motives. But sadly plot wise the episode didn’t really move forwards. What we know is that Meicoomon is the one to destroy the digital world and Himekawa instigated the reboot to bring Tapirmon back and is now facing a Biyomon/Sora dilemma. Though sadly she isn’t as accepting as Sora that Tapirmon can’t remember anything and it’s not looking like it’ll end well.

And, just a random thought that Machinedramon isn’t anything like he used to be. Much less threatening when he can’t talk. It’s a shame all these reincarnated Dark Masters can’t talk, not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but my favourite Dark Master has always been Metalseadramon because of his comical lines in the dub. My favourite I still remember was ‘I rule this ocean with an iron hand, an iron tail and an iron everything for that matter’. So I’m disappointed the new Dark Masters have none of their old personalities. Unless they didn’t talk in the original…? Oh well, considering how the episode went, that’s the last of my disappointments.