The Wonderful Voyage – I will remember everything that happened to me


Our protagonist, Sota Mizhushino, returns home from school one day looking to continue what looks like to be a story he’s working on drawing, but instead decides to watch the latest episode of an anime on his tablet. The anime is called Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier but he is somehow transported to that world and then returns to the real world with the main character of the anime Selesia Yupitiria.

Understandably confused as to where she is, Selesia is extremely hostile towards Sota, but eventually calms down when he explains to her this is earth and she’s from an anime he watches.

Before they have any time to talk it out however, the woman who transported Selesia arrives outside of Sota’s house and a fight breaks out.

Selesia is at a disadvantage but is saved by Meteora, a game character who was also pulled into this world. The other woman backs off but welcomes Selesia to earth.

Selesia and Meteora decide to make Sota’s house a base of operations as they figure out what to do in this world where their creators reside.


You might be wondering why I’m blogging this anime and none of the five I posted on my preview. That’s because none of the other anime are actually that interesting, of the ones I was looking at Clockwork Planet and Granblue fantasy both look on the generic and cliche side, not that I mind as I’m still watching them but doesn’t make for good blogging/reviewing. Gin no Guardian’s a short, and after thinking about it for a while I didn’t really want to blog any highschool drama/slice of lifes which ruled out Tsuki ga Kirei and Skurada Reset, the latter being the one I almost ended up blogging.

But ReCreators came out, I actually had no idea what it was about and gave the first episode a try and gathered that it’s a reversal of people going into another world genre. I don’t believe I’ve seen an anime like it in recent times, I’m well aware it’s a gimmick that has been done before, but I don’t mind a new take on it.

So with the premise being an intriguing one and the story looking like it’ll be much deeper than your average kill bad guy and save the world, I decided this would be much better to blog/review. From the first episode whilst I do like the battle sequences, I’m hoping it won’t turn into a pure battle anime. There’s so much you can delve into given the premise of the anime. Though if it does turn into battle, this is a great set up to see how people from different worlds and styles battle regardless, we already have a mecha although without her mech, a traditional fantasy bookworm lady with magic and the flying swords woman, so who’s next to join the battle royale? If it turns into one that is.

So far though, the scene has been set, as mentioned, the premise is a great one to have a deep and thought provoking plot given all the questions that already pop into mind. Probably the one that most interests me is, assuming they all do meet their creators eventually, are the creators someone who can manipulate the world that they came from or are they now free? There’s no sense of a reason yet, why everyone has appeared in our world, but I do hope they dive into something profound, such as the meaning of life viewed from a perspective of one who, will hopefully, know their god/creator.

Let’s also not forget the suicide at the beginning of the episode, after talking about the anime this much, it’s easy to forget the smaller things. There’s obviously a reason that was included, I’m more than intrigued as it seems such an unrelated event being brushed under the carpet as it was never mentioned again, not even in the news as a side thing. So seeing how it ties together would be interesting.