… That wasn’t funny


Selesia and Meteora decide to track down their creators and Selesia’s novel author, Takashi, seems to be the easiest to meet up with after learning more about the current situation and the world that they are now in.

They arrange to meet Takashi who does show up. But before any meaningful conversation can take place another anime character, Mamika, a mahou shoujo, appears. She also looks to understand everything that’s going on and talks to them about changing their worlds through their creators.

However when opinions clash a battle starts between Selesia and Mamika and Selesia is heavily outgunned. Until another character, Yuya, appears to intercept the battle and save Selesia from Mamika’s final attack.


So I mentioned last episode how I didn’t want the anime to turn into a battle royale, well it looks like that may be happening with the appearance of Yuuya and the battle scene this episode between a lovely cutesy mahou shoujo and Selesia. Ironic that Mamika’s hearts are basically rockets, love is dangerous indeed…

But, that doesn’t take away anything from the thought provoking elements of the episode i.e. the fact that Mamika believes the creators can change the course of their world so that people would stop suffering. Which links to Meteora’s thoughts that every time our creativity is unleashed in a story a new world is created that we ‘control’.

If that’s the case, should we keep writing these stories if it means that more and more people suffer in worlds that we create? Is that what our creator is doing? Writing out stories for mankind and of course with any world there will be suffering.

Mamika is also interesting in that she talks of saving her people but yet has an attitude befitting of her child stature and starts attacking when others don’t see it her way. Quick to anger and resorting to violence, acting like a spoilt little girl, which she probably is in her world, given that she’s likely able to solve everything by beating her opponents down with her hearts. Not quite like that when you face a strong independent woman like Selesia.

Still nothing reported on the suicide girl in the first episode either. I don’t imagine it being a random thing they threw in for laughs, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for news of that.

What I do really like about the anime is that whilst the premise is somewhat new, the characters they’ve used are pretty standard for their respective genres. But the individuals mesh well, in an interaction point of view, given the clash of personalities and genres. And I like that it created opportunities for the potential development of characters in a different world, e.g. Mamika getting used to a world where she isn’t the main character and can’t solve everything with hearts.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to more of a conversation between Selesia and her creator Takashi, that’s one of the more interesting parts of the show where characters can meet their maker. So hopefully after the dust settles we can get back to it. But that’s not to take away anything from a showing of good animation in the battle sequence which by the look of the end of the episode, we may see more of.