If so, I want to protect what he loved.


After meeting with the people who created Avalken of Reminisce, Meteora’s game, she finds out that the producer has passed away due to a motorbike accident.

Meteora decides to be clear on her intentions with the others. She originally had wanted to meet her creator and then decide whether or not she’d stand by and watch the world be destroyed. She explains that this would be because of all the worlds colliding, she believes this world can’t sustain the effect of the other worldly beings setting foot here and ripping apart all the laws that it is governed by and to restore normality, the world would destroy itself to restart in what she calls the ‘great destruction’.

Meteora stayed up all night to play out her game, Avalken of Reminisce, and decided that it was a fun game that was given a lot of care. Therefore she believes her creator was a nice person and will help avert this great destruction. First, they want to track down Military Uniform Princess’ creator.

In Military Uniform Princess’ lair, Alicetaria has brought back her creator and forced him to change her world. However, nothing has happened and Alicetaria is questioning MUP and is told that she needs to disturb the balance in this world further.

Alicetaria and Mamika share some thoughts over dinner together on the current situation with Alicetaria adamant on following through with what MUP wants to change her world and save her people. On Mamika’s side, after the last battle, she isn’t so sure on fighting anymore.

Elsewhere in the country, Masaaki Nakanogane, another writer, contacts Takashi that a character he created, Rui Kanoya is eating lunch in his house right now.


Firstly, I’m shortening Military Uniform Princess to MUP because it’s long to write out repeatedly. It also sounds funny to call someone MUP. I could always extend that to MUPPET if needed.

It was a shame that Meteora never met her creator, with how she is, I bet they could’ve had a great discussion together. To be able to create someone like Meteora, I feel that that person would have to be also thoughtful and insightful. It’s never pleasant to find that the parent you thought you’d never meet could be met but is then gone before you get there. The next best step would of course be to meet their creation and so she plays the game. You may not be able to understand them from their stories, but you should be able to grasp a little bit of their feelings, at least when creating the story.

The Meteora theory on world destruction is an interesting one. This came out of the blue as it wouldn’t be the first thing I think of when characters from story worlds started appearing in my world. But it does make sense, to some degree, and also puts a good foundation on what looks to be the main plot for the series. if you’ve read my blogs long enough, you’ll probably realise I’m a huge fan of explanation episodes. Sure there’s a distinct lack of action, but theories and hypotheses are my thing! I’m more intrigued as to what governs this ‘great destruction’ that Meteora is describing, as in what force of nature is making the world maintain balance, and more importantly why does it have to reset to sort it out? At least in Digimon Tri there was a ‘god’ of sorts to initiate it, but this is the real world we’re on about.

I mentioned a couple of things last episode that I want to touch on again. Alicetaria bringing her creator there making him repent for the world he created, that was one thing in my mind last episode, might make others think twice about the people they’re writing about. I feel now that this writer will be a little more careful with his worlds. Still, who wants to read about a world where everything is pink flowery and full of rainbows…

The other thing I mentioned was the fact that this anime seems to make interactions between clashing genres and personalities work. Sure the conversation between Mamika and Alicetaria was a little stiff, but it was hilarious and surprisingly worked well. I think Alicetaria is your standard I will do everything for justice type character, and I’m hoping that she will switch sides once she figures out what MUP wants to do.

The only issue I have with this is that the cliché personalities are emphasized a bit too much. Like Mamika doing the cutesy wrong name pronunciation, then Meteora being the one with all the knowledge and Alicetaria’s unrelenting stand on her justice. I’d like to see it dialed back a little, just so I don’t have many more eye rolling moments.

We also get the introduction to the old man and the mech pilot. Sadly it was only a snippet of screen time, that old man seems very interesting. I’ve always liked a guy who enjoys some good liquor with a big gun as a whiskey drinker myself.