So, why don’t we have ourselves a guys’ night out?

Rui dropped into the world right next to Masaaki’s house during a screening of an episode. Takashi was soon informed and he and the rest made their way to meet Masaaki and Rui to explain what they know about the situation. Unfortunately thanks to his character description, Rui isn’t interested in fighting and is frustrated by all the fighting he has to do, so refuses to help.

But before they can decide what to do, the JSDF attack and as Meteora doesn’t want trouble. She calls for a surrender and a discussion with the government, who’s decided to get involved, is on the table.

They only got involved due to all the sightings and commotion that all these characters appearing have caused, plus the fact that one ‘creator’ was captured, i.e. Alicetaria’s one. After hearing the name of Yuuya’s creator, the government immediately sends someone to ensure their safety. Although they don’t want to admit it, characters are appearing in real life and posing a threat.

As the discussion goes on, Meteora requests their assistance and explains her hypothesis of the Great Destruction. She requests that all future creations and creators are to be located and protected immediately, that any confrontations be ‘covered up’ from the media and for ease of movement, a status of residency be granted. The government plans to go further and issue them with a status of government officials and grant protection from the ministry to everyone present.

On the way back home Sota believes he remembers MUP from somewhere and when he arrives home to research. Turns out, he does know where she’s from.


Finally I think we get a glimpse into MUP’s true identity and the reason and identity of the suicide girl at the very beginning of the first episode five episodes in. So far my understanding of the last minute or so of the episode is that Sota was the illustrator for a story written by the girl called Shimazaki, assuming she is also Setsuna, who I can only assume to be suicide girl. But, I don’t understand why he didn’t recognise her straight off if it’s one of his creations. Either that, or it looks like it could be his original illustration that was then adapted. Either way, hopefully after realising what he’s realised, he’ll be able to give us a full explanation next episode.

Looks like what I talked about previously was reciprocated by Masaaki this episode. After this, I think you gotta start thinking about the personality you give characters in a different way e.g. an interesting fresh perspective to look at it is what it would be for you if you had to deal with that personality as they suddenly arrived at your front door?

I laughed when they said they were going to contact you in a more delicate manner, I would’ve loved to see what that would mean… suddenly springing special ops on people is definitely the opposite. At least negotiations ended well.

The other thing was, I was actually wondering where Meteora got her weaponry from, at first it did seem strange that she was using modern weaponry considering she’s from what seemed like a fantasy based game. I had waved it off at the time thinking that the game could’ve been fantasy but with a bit of military in it. Though seems not the case and she stole the weapons herself.

Of course the big development this episode though is the government getting involved. Why weren’t they involved sooner, well that was thoughtfully explained to us leaving no plot holes to be poked at. The opening battle was actually quite good, I would’ve liked to see Selesia and others pull no punches, but I guess it’s not good to get the authorities on an enemy list especially considering they have common goals. Still though, they were a little rough, even if it’s understandable given that everyone could’ve been hostile.

There were a lot of interesting interactions this episode though, like the entire negotiation process from a calm and collected Meteora that I would’ve rated near the level of Zhuge Liang. And the after chat with Kikuchihara where she unbuttons her jacket making for a much more casual ‘out of business’ chat as someone who may never have played a game or watched anime in their life, but who understands the popularity of such creations.

Note: quick note, I haven’t forgotten about Zesteria’s final episode, I’m waiting for the next bank holiday break before I get to that, i.e. this coming weekend, things are quite busy in my life at the moment.