You are the one who knows where justice lies


Although Sota’s figured out MUP’s origins, he decides to keep it to himself.

Elsewhere, Alicetaria and Mamika are enjoying a drink whilst staking out an area where MUP has said that the new fictional character will appear. But this new character appears to enjoy murder and has already killed a shopkeeper before crossing paths with them.

Another exchange of ideals, Alicetaria can no longer take her mockery and attacks. But they’re quickly interrupted by Selesia and Meteora who exchange further words with Alicetaria challenging her belief in what MUP is claiming, i.e. that the gods in this world are all powerful and can change their ‘fictional’ worlds.

As before, unable to accept each other’s opinion, battle breaks out with Alicetaria facing off against Selesia. The old guy working with MUP, Blitz Tokar, also appears to backup Alicetaria up and easily takes out Meteora, however before he can finish her, Mamika intervenes.

As this goes on, the new character that both sides were chasing sits happily on the grass watching the entertainment unfold.


Annoyingly, we don’t get to MUP’s identity as Sota is for some reason unwilling to disclose that information. I feel that’s gotta be because he had a hand in her creation and now feels responsible. I felt this would be a big focal point this episode, but seems not. Instead we’re introduced to two new characters, one previously glimpsed of in Blitz Tokar and the other one not yet named but seems to be free willed and murderous, the best kind of murderer if you want to see copious amounts of blood and dead bodies everywhere. Of course that wouldn’t sit well with Alicetaria who’s trying to stop exactly that in her own world.

Thanks to all the disagreement, we are treated to some much needed action sequences. Yes all the conversations have been great at explaining the situation and setting out the scene. But after many episodes of talking, I’m very happy to have a bit of fighting when many strong characters clash. I did say at the beginning of the series I didn’t want this to be an anime made solely for inter-genre battles, but given the premise of the story, a bit of fighting is definitely needed to spice up the watch. I was also hoping for Rui to join the fray to save Meteora instead of Mamika, but I can understand her stepping in instead.

Speaking of clashes, this clash of ideals is the type of thing I love to watch and explore in anime as it’s a fictional world where extreme ideals can and do exist. In that regard, I feel really sorry for Alicetaria. She is a cliché innocent ‘pure’ girl who has been dragged into battle through no choice of her own and is probably the most gullible ever due to desperately wanting to save her world and people and will clutch at anything that has a hope of doing it. Problem with these people is that they stand a little too firmly on their beliefs of what is right and like a straight arrow, won’t bend and may hit back hard. Which is unfortunate as I feel if she met Meteora first, she would’ve been convinced the other side. I guess an easy way of summing up her character is a baby bird who decided the first thing she saw was her mother and hence absolutely correct.

Still though, it was an interesting exchange of words with school uniform girl, I believe her name is Magane. Killing is still killing, weather just or not, you are still a murderer and will have to live with that. It’s an old argument that anime loves bringing up when talking of killing for justice. Regardless though, Magane seems very fun, like Yuuya. I think this goes for people as well, but I always believe that the most interesting characters are the ones that aren’t tied down by rules or beliefs.

We did get a few bits of comedy, like trying to make a call in the middle of the battle. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be funny, but I laughed. And Rui hitting on some girls gave me a smile.