I don’t want to make a mistake for the sake of the people who are in my story


After intercepting Blitz Tokar, Mamika also stops Alice vs Selesia and threatens to fire her attacks until both sides stop. She believes that even if they don’t agree there’s no reason to fight. But Yuya appears and continues the fight. As this goes on, Selesia and Meteora retreat to convince the new character to join their side but fails. Eventually Rui jumps in with his mech and everyone disperses.

Back with Kikuchihara, they find out the new character is Magane Chikujoin, the villain character in a novel. Her powers allow her to use words to bend reality. Unfortunately they were too late in reaching the novel’s author as Magane got there first and has killed him.

Sota also finds out where Blitz is from too and protection for the author is on its way. Sota is still reluctant to divulge any information on what he found out about MUP but it seems that Masaaki’s found out something.

Mamika finds Sota on a train and asks for a chat. She wants honest answers from him and asks about MUP. He answers her questions whilst at the same time elsewhere Masaaki explains to everyone what he found.

Sota explains that MUP’s actual name is Altair, that she really hates this world and is likely to want something bad to happen to it


Another entire episode goes by and we only get a glimpse of MUP’s identity. But, from Sota’s hesitation it would appear that he is the creator or had a high percentage share of creating her. Although I don’t think that’s all there is to it. The hesitation from Sota would lead me to believe that there is something deeper.

If you think about it in a logical sense, if Sota was just a creator, then it makes sense for him to report this as soon as possible as it doesn’t change anything. Sure he may feel guilt for creating the being that is threatening humanity’s existence but it was no fault of his own. It’s not like any of the creators expected this to happen. Therefore it leads me to believe that there must be something else that’s troubling him so much so that he hasn’t said anything, which must be connected to Setsuna’s suicide.

Though I wonder why he’s decided to open up to Mamika and no one else when Mamika is supposedly on the opposing side? Perhaps he thinks that she will switch sides? Mamika has grown the most in this short space of time. Which is surprising given the context of her story where everything is  so straightforward. I enjoy her progression though and her reasoning on the situation. Having already shown signs of wanting peace I hope that she will be one of the main characters to end the fighting. Or turn into a martyr to help Alice see the error of her ways if the anime wants to go down a darker route.

This episode continued the battle from the last episode and after watching through it I’ve been trying to rank everyone in terms of combat strength. Discounting Magane as I haven’t yet seen her powers properly, I’d actually rank Yuya top and I think Mamika is second being able to intercept and hold off so many people. Although in anime it’s usually the last person to reveal their abilities who’s the strongest, so perhaps Magane will be. Then again, a giant mech could be very destructive, I just haven’t seen Rui fight seriously yet, not to mention he’s quite the nimble fighter himself.

Oh also, I love the shout out to ufotable this episode, made me laugh, if you saw it too.