The Legend


After the successful armatisation with everyone, Sorey struggles a bit at first to be able to stand with all the power but eventually pulls through and stands before the lord of calamity in battle. After a brief exchange of fists, Sorey’s power is evident and successfully purifies the lord of calamity, but for some reason he isn’t changing back into human form.

The world’s malevolence gathers and brings life to the lord of calamity even against his own wishes. The only way to seal Heldalf is for Sorey to go with him to the depths of the earth and hopefully slowly diminish his anger over the years. With one more armatisation Sorey blasts a hole in the ground and dives into it with the lord of calamity, shoving him deep into the centre of the earth.

Maotelus is released and everyone decides to continue to push for the ideal world that Sorey wanted.

Time pass, Alisha’s now the queen and agrees peace with Emperor Doran. The seraphim live out peaceful lives as the people seem to have recognised them more. Alisha and Rose continue as friends regardless of their status. Mikleo continues his exploration of ruins in hopes that one day Sorey will return and he’ll be right there to greet him.

Further time passes and Mikleo’s journey finally arrives to where Sorey is as he returns to the world the same as before having at last purified Heldalf. The two friends continue where they left off and set off on another journey.


After one of my longest waits for a final episode, we’re finally here. Although unsurprisingly I had to remind myself of what happened. I guess the first question is, was it worth the wait? That depends what you wanted to see, I was kinda hoping that the delay was so they could tweak the final battle to be a great episode on battle animation. Sadly we didn’t really get much, although I do admit that the battle we saw was really good.

That’s probably where my compliments end though. The resolution of the Heldalf battle was kinda meh, it’s not like we haven’t seen this kind of evil villain resolution before, dragging them down to the dark depths with you. It’s also how it happened in the game so I saw it coming. Nothing new here.

The other annoying thing is that story wise we only had half the episode. The rest was an epilogue. I don’t mind epilogue episodes particularly, but the way this was delayed made me believ that something epic was coming. If this was a pure epilogue episode I don’t think I would’ve minded so much, but the story half of the episode ended rather abruptly.

It was a happy ending though, Alisha and Rose seem ‘very happy’ together, if you know what I mean and Sorey and Mikleo reunite giving all the same sex relationship fans something to cheer about. The new shepherd is doing alight under the tutorage of Lailah and it seems like Edna’s brother is slowly snapping out of his malevolence.

I do like a happy ending so in that regards I’m happy, but I don’t see the reason to make us wait a month. I do like the series overall, it has been good seeing Zestiria in anime form. The fights have been mostly lacklustre especially given how much they’ve shown they can do. Thinking back, I actually don’t remember any big fights, I just remember bits of fights like Sorey knocking out a dragon with one arrow and Lailah chucking a massive fireball at Dezel. There wasn’t anything prolonged that I would call a spectacle, which is a shame.

To this day I still don’t like the ‘x’ part. It was obviously just an advertising ploy for Berseria. They had plenty of attempts to worm Berseria into Zestiria’s story and yes I get that they are both connected because Berseria is a prequel, but still, it felt like they gave up before they started. It was never more than a few seconds and only a mention in passing. I don’t think they handled this well. Still though, I can’t say this wasn’t a good anime to watch and helped remind me of what happened in the game. If only this episode wasn’t so long after the main season, I would probably have had more to say, but I guess I’m also to blame for lacking the time to blog it until now… ah well, it wasn’t anything that special in the end, it was good, that’s about it.