I CHOSE this way of life


Altair is based on another character, Shirotsumekusa, from a game called Eternal Wars Megalosphere. The PV that made Altair known to the world was created by Setsuna Shimazaki. But it looks like that’s just a penname as it’s not a person that can be found.

Kikuchihara brings Ryo Yatoji and Shunma Suruga, the creators of Yuuya and Blitz to meet with everyone. Although Yuya doesn’t take kindly to Yatoji’s lackadaisical attitude but restrains himself from hurting him too much.

Sota calls out Meteora alone to chat and finds out that they’ve already figured out who MUP is. He hesitates to talk about Altair but Meteora calms him down and he tells her of a hypothetical situation where a person may have become frustrated with life that they became cold with friends and pushed them away. Meteora does offer words of advice but it’s probably too late.

Elsewhere Mamika shares a few words with Alicetaria asking her to trust her and flies away.

Magane corners Sota on the street and tells him that she’s heard everything he’s said recently and knows what he’s hiding.

Mamika confronts Altair about the facts she was given that their worlds can be changed if they disturb this world. Mamika knows that all the disturbances are doing is increasing the distortion of the worlds that are colliding. She knows of the revenge that Altair is after, revenge for her god that she loved. Revenge that is aimed at destroying this world for rejecting her god who only wanted somewhere to belong.


This was quite the big episode, we finally have a bit of clarification on MUP or Altair as I’ll now refer to her as, and why she hates the world. Also we find out why Sota is so reluctant to share information, though the details aren’t confirmed, but it’s pretty much concluded. And a big move from the character that I had thought grew the most and also could become a martyr as mentioned last episode, the foreshadowing was the chat with Sota I guess.

Still, I had hoped she wouldn’t die, and I’m going to be optimistic and say that she may still survive. Fantasy anime characters have a ridiculous resilience for sword stabs if you look at any big battle fantasy anime, so you never know. Although Altair was ridiculously ruthless, didn’t even give Mamika a chance. I was prepared for an all out battle in the closing minutes of the episode and sadly it only ended on one massive explosion. I doubt that’ll be enough to beat Altair. Continuing on from my prediction of her becoming a Matyr though, perhaps Alicetaria will now switch sides? I certainly hope she doesn’t go alone if she does, frankly she doesn’t stand a chance against Altair either.

After this though, her only ally would be Blitz. Makes you wonder why he’s on her side to begin with. What’s he here for? If he’s looking for a good fight, then fair enough. But a guy like that surely has some other motive, and he feels like a guy who’s too intelligent to be tricked by Altair into helping her.

The main point of this episode was of course the truth behind Altair and Sota’s involvement. From what’s been said, what can be easily deduced is that he was frustrated at a lack of progress, likely on a creative stage, and took it out on Setsuna for one reason or another which resulted in her suicide. This also leads me to think they must’ve been really good friends or more than that, to be able to take his words that much to heart. Overall it makes sense as there would be no other reason big enough for Sota to continue hiding what he knows to help the investigation. Knowing that you were responsible for the death of someone will do it, especially at his age.

I was hoping that he would divulge everything to Meteora. I’ve never been responsible for the death of anyone, but everyone has had times when they want to hide something for whatever reason but actually when they eventually share it, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. I guess raising the ‘hypothetical’ situation was a step forward, though the fact that he can’t really reconcile with this friend anymore may have made it worse. Though perhaps Meteora may have guessed something anyway.

Speaking of wanting to keep things hidden, what does Magane want with Sota’s secret? This is obviously blackmail in some form, but what can someone from a neutral side want? Apart from tormenting Sota I guess, and given Magane’s background, perhaps that’s all she wants. Killing him would be too easy and less fun.

The last thing I wanted to say on this episode is in relation to Mamika and how far she’s come, again hopefully this won’t be her end. But, she mentioned an interesting notion in the episode about stepping away from her original character. This is interesting because a large part of the beginning of the series was focused on seeing if the creators had the ability to alter the creation’s form, what’s happened here is that actually, the creations have now become completely independent identities that can decide for themselves and change and grow. It’s likely that since they exited their world, their abilities have now become locked but they can act on their own free will without being held by character descriptions anymore. Which I hope is something that can change Altair eventually.