The world requires choice and resolution


After barely surviving the fight with Altair, Mamika tries to find Alice but crash lands into the hands of Magane. Alice does show up but is too late and Mamika dies in her arms. Mamika wants to save Altair but is only able to give her dying wish to Magane who repeats the words back to Alice but in an ambiguous way to frame Meteora for Mamika’s death.

Magane then proceeds to call Sota and explains to him how she figured out his secret. With this information in hand, she blackmails Sota into telling Selesia that Meteora is working with Altair. And to make the story more believable, he shows Sota a part of Mamika’s blood stained clothes.

Sota doesn’t fall for it but eventually figures out that it was Altair that killed Mamika and also realises that he may have nudged Mamika to her demise when they talked.

Luckily Meteora and Yuya were nearby and heard everything. Yuya chases off Magane and a battle ensures.

But before anything big can happen Alice drops in to fight Meteora.


I mentioned before that one of my predictions for Mamika would be that she dies and becomes a martyr for Alice. Annoyingly, that prediction was almost on point but I forgot to factor in the neutral wildcard in Magane who decides to stir up some infighting for her entertainment.

When she was blackmailing Sota I actually wanted him to do as she asked because it would’ve made things more interesting. Though given how tragic Mamika’s death was, I didn’t particularly want to dampen my spirits again… it’s actually annoying how soppy I’ve become these days… still, good to see Meteora keeping tabs on Magane, that girl is not to be trusted.

With Mamika’s death, it makes you wonder, what happens when these characters die? I’m assuming the show doesn’t stop. I thought it might make sense for them to be reborn again in their own world but have no memory of entering the real world. That means the show would go on and the other universe isn’t disturbed. Though with Altair’s motive of disturbing the worlds Mamika might actually be gone for good. I hope they explain what happens now to Mamika’s anime, perhaps nothing as it’s all been written. but perhaps it all disappears…

Speaking of Magane, I have mixed opinions about her. I felt that the anime went a little too far with her personality. We understand what she stands for and we don’t need never ending chatter to make it clearer. Funnily enough I remember writing this about someone else, I just can’t remember who… but anyway given her ability, I understand the need to talk, so I guess I can’t blame them. Even so, the constant talking actually bored me.

I was thinking about Magane’s blackmail attempt. Considering Meteora’s combat power and the fact that she’s probably in constant communication with Kikuchihara and Selesia, I doubt anyone would believe she could do anything so malicious anyway.

Also, small point, it was ironic when Magane said to not assume people are murderers, as that’s exactly what she wanted Sota to do i.e. assume that Meteora is the murderer.

In the end, this was a Magane focused episode where she attempted to pull the strings to create more entertainment for herself. I wonder if that means she’ll continue to stay neutral and only try to stir up the fighting rather than get involved. Regardless, she seems to enjoy being a bystander, though I would love to see her get in the way of Altair because she is clearly not weak and may be able to take her on. Speaking of Altair, after being exploded by a heart, I wonder how she’s doing.

Note: Hopefully my recent and next blogs won’t come off as rushed or less thoughtful, if they do I apologise, but I just finished purchasing a property and am in the midst of moving. Doesn’t help when I have no furniture at all i.e. need a bed at the very least… Gonna be very busy irl for a while. Bear with me!