Be desperate and draw something fascinating


Alice questions Blitz’s motives for teaming up with Altair but comes up with nothing.

Sota continues Setsuna’s story. She messaged him about being unsure, since the false accusations she wasn’t enjoying drawing and before it was her favourite pastime. He asked Sota if she should be allowed to draw, but Sota pushed her away. Afterwards, he received a new message detailing a new character she created. She then ended the message with a goodbye. After the ominous message, the contact stopped and later she committed suicide.

Elsewhere Sota seems to have influenced Alice, she grabs her creator and asks him for his thoughts. After some ‘persuasion’ he agrees that her world is a world worthy of her protection because otherwise he wouldn’t have written such a story.

Meteora holds a strategy meeting regarding what they’ve discovered about Altair in the last fight, such as her ability to change creations or copy them i.e. changing Selsia’s sword into a flower and creating a copy of Rui’s mech. But it would appear both of these abilities have been ‘documented’ in her fan made videos which are interestingly not creations of Setsuna’s.

However with the fact that Altair was on the verge of disappearing last fight, they decide to use this weakness and face her head on. With the backing of the government and the creators they should have all the tools to win. The decision is to create a crossover story and battle her in the constraints of that story. This will need the ‘approval’ of the viewers and to start the story they’ll need approval of publishers and editors etc. Even with the tremendous logistics, they aim to have everything set up in six months time.

Creators are to start spinoff series foreshadowing a ‘final battle’ type scenario. But once the battle takes place, it will all have to be adlibbed from there.

At Altair’s base, they have a new ally and are potentially looking at a few more.


Right, I may have been distracted whilst watching that, sadly a lot of things to do especially as I currently have no hot water in my flat, hence my delays. Luckily it’s the height of summer so cold showers aren’t too bad. Regardless it means I’m busier than usual. Back to anime, I think I get what they’re trying to do. Are they basically creating separate stories to connect everyone together in this crossover but have it connected to some place in the real world and have restrictions set in the stories so Altair can’t go off on her own with her wacky and wonderful powers?

That’s how I interpreted all the explanations at least, which leads me to my main discussion point for this episode, i.e. the creations of powers through fandom material. In which case I believe Altair has unfair advantages because she’s not a character in a story, i.e. people can create whatever they want about her and it won’t matter to a central story because she isn’t in one. This is unlike the others who if you do create something drastic you may actually have to then change the story to accommodate otherwise people won’t ‘accept’ it. Or make it temporary but that won’t win you the war.  Basically my thinking is that Selesia and co are all characters with powers set in a story, even in fanfics you very rarely edit someone’s powers because it feels bound to that world. Altair is not bound to anything, it’s just a character design that can be changed whenever people want.

This does mean though we were treated to another episode of basically talking. But that’s alright, as I’ve mentioned previously, this is good talking and a lot of ideas are thrown about. I do love diving into the finer details of concepts and if the anime’s doing it for me, all the better.

Alice also had some interesting development, she questions Blitz’s motives and lets her creator go free. Looks like Sota’s words may have inspired her. Perhaps I was not wrong in saying that Mamika’s death would help Alice see the light, sure she needed a helping hand, but we’re getting there. Though I wonder why the sudden change of heart apart from Sota’s words. Surely something else sparked this change as well? I still want to know why she was shocked at blood during the battle.

I do have one other point, Sota’s statement about killing Setsuna was quite over exagerrated, it’s more that he could’ve done something to help rather than he was the reason for her suicide. He gave himself too much ‘credit’, if you know what I mean. I was a little disappointed by that because I thought it would  be much darker especially given Mamika’s death which was something unexpected for me. Ah well, I guess it makes it easier for Sota to look past it.

Anyways, with crossovers and new characters on the horizon, I’m sure bigger things are about to kick off. Speaking of which, I don’t remember the last time there was a crossover that was anime related. The one that jumps to me right now is Conan and Lupin and CLAMP. Not many I’m sure, so this’ll be interesting.