An unpredictable story that no one knows where it’s heading to


With the amount of characters and elements to this story, as explained by Meteora, the director and animators need a recap episode to gather their thoughts for a moment so Meteora talks us through the events of the last 12 episodes with comical effect in this recap episode.


I personally really like Meteora, she’s as dry as me when it comes to humour, sadly there’s not been much of it in the first 12 episodes but here we get an entire episode of it! Dry humour, wit and sarcasm was on display here with a bit more information on some of the characters. And let’s not forget the fourth wall breakage at the end.

As much as I don’t blog recap episodes I actually thought this one was quite funny and probably one of the more informative and enjoyable recap episodes, so thought I’d mention that and save everyone from instantly skipping it. It doesn’t add that much, but still worth a watch I’d say.

With Vanguard also showing a recap episode I was thinking that a time like this where it’s the beginning of a new season is probably the best time for recap episodes. Not that it matters at all anyway, I’m just out of things to say.

I guess the last thing I will say is that a planned recap episode isn’t too bad if it can add a bit more to the characters and background information.