I feel painful and so useless that I want to cry but it’s fun nevertheless


The crossover project is handed to the Japanese government at the highest priority and secrecy. Calling all publishers, studios and broadcasters etc together to create a collaboration of manga, anime and games etc with a main feature being the anime. No delays allowed.

They’re going to link real world events with story events and eventually lure Altair into a trap and defeat her. It will be broadcasted across the world with a view to have everyone accept that Altair has ‘died’ in the battle. So they will work on increasing everyone else’s power level in a way that the audience will also accept.

The project is called Elimination Chamber Festival and is announced to the public on Jan 14th.

As the writers progress, there are hiccups as clashes in personalities are inevitable and thinking of ways stories can interact turns out to be difficult given all the different genres and characters. But after some time alone and blowing off some steam an agreement is made between the writers.

Sota also comes up with an idea and is allowed to run with it, but we don’t find out what it is.

Meanwhile, a new character appears.


I really like Kikuchihara this episode, she is putting her foot down and taking charge of all those creative people. Though I guess with her position and authority, it shouldn’t be surprising. But I do like to see her contrasting personalities when she’s talking casually with the creations.

The telling everyone to die bit reminded me of the end of Saekano if you watched it, but basically it was project with similar difficult and the producer asked the writer and artist to die for the project. It is productive to a certain extent and perhaps creative people work better under pressure? I’m not convinced, but maybe because I prefer working in a more relaxed environment, not to say that I can’t work under pressure because I do a lot, I just don’t think it’s as effective.

Also I’m very happy that they’re strengthening the characters as the ‘good’ creations seem weaker. As discussed before, Meteora definitely needs a power boost more than anyone else.

Speaking of power boosts, the person who appeared at the end of the episode I believe is from a dating game, if accidental spoilers I came across are to be trusted. In which case she needs more boosts than anyone else and I’m extremely intrigued as to how they plan to bring a ‘normal’ girl into the battle. When I first saw her I actually thought she was Mamika reincarnate, but sadly not…

Anyways, more interestingly as well, what will Altair do when she catches on? Destroy the studios? A preemptive attack of some sorts surely? Sadly we didn’t see Altair’s side this episode, but I think it’s safe to say with the big announcements, she’s well aware.

Glad to see that Sota is finally taking part! As far as I’m aware he’s still the main character, and given that he can draw, I’ve mentioned many times that I would love for him to create something. It’s only fair that he should help as the person who was partially responsible for this mess to begin with. So I want to see him step up, gain confident in himself and start becoming the main character he should be. More character development is what I want!

On a side note, anyone else see that Chelsea football club sign? I didn’t know the Japanese followed the premier league, but I guess it is a popular league, I do remember a channel showing it in China when I was there on holiday.