This is perfect! She couldn’t have been any more perfect


Kikuchihara welcomes Hoshikawa Hikayu, the dating sim character, to the creator’s world. But Hikayu is extremely distressed that everyone knows everything about her, especially as she’s from an adult game…

Regardless they’re considering whether they need to include her in the crossover event and how to do it. Also they’re wondering where the other two creations that appeared are and who they are. They later bring into custody Takarada Naoya, the creator of Alicetaria.

At Altair’s lair, Blitz remembers his ‘past’ where he had to kill his own daughter. He is then greeted by their new recruit, Hakua Sho who hates and wants to kill Yuya for betraying him in their story.

Magane’s somehow landed a lot of money and is in an apartment of her own. She is visited by Alice who wants her help with something.

Meteora creates a machine that is able to measure ‘acceptance’ of their ideas to see if it can become reflected in the creations. This was only possible by weaving her story into Selsia’s story and giving her more powers which seemed to have been accepted by the audience already.

Naoya officially joins the collaboration plans and wants to give Alice more powers as he believes she is planning a revolt against Altair. They are also joined by Ohnishi who wrote the story of Hikayu’s game and dives into plans on how to increase Hikayu’s powers, after a bit of fanboying… The issue is that Hikayu is meant to be a normal high school girl, so having her audience accepting powers is a little farfetched. However Ohnishi seems to have an idea.

Altair is well aware of Meteora’s plans but she has no interest in stopping them as she wants to show them just how impossible their plan is.


I did ask last episode how they would be able to get Hikayu ‘combat ready’, I don’t know what Ohnishi meant by ‘fan disk’, I assume something to do with the fandom? I do understand Meteora’s concern though, to have the best chance to gain acceptance it really should have something to do with the original character’s world and circumstances. It’d be pretty hard to believe if Hikayu suddenly gained super powers that can blow up cities…

Although I suppose it’s not impossible if they want to plug her into a separate story that’s not part of her main story, it’s not like that hasn’t happened before e.g. spin-offs.

Good to see more of Blitz’s story. I guess it’s clear what his reasons are for teaming up with Altair. It’s either going to be for revenge against his creator for making him kill his own daughter, or demanding them to write a storyline where she is revived somehow.

Also, is it just me or is everything involving Magane so needlessly convoluted? I understood that Alice wanted her help and from Naoya I’m assuming this is for her revolt. But apart from that I don’t have any idea what’s going on and how Magane is planning to help. As far as I’m aware she didn’t mention anything. But I can’t be sure anymore as she talks way too much. Still though, I’m glad that it seems like Mamika’s death has had a positive effect on Alice and also Sota’s character development also affecting her.

Introductions this week include Ohnishi and Sho. The former being your typical fanboy otaku looking for his waifus and adding a comical dynamic to the otherwise very serious group of people. And the latter being from the same story as Yuya claiming to be his rival. We also get another mention of Sota’s plans, but sadly not even an inkling to what it might be.

Altair’s infinite amount of powers isn’t surprising and confirms what we already know about her. Shutting that down will be difficult, but I like her confidence. Even when she knows her opponent’s plans, she is unconcerned. I wonder if Meteora’s underestimated her, or the other way round. Regardless, it’ll be a big battle.