The story continues, as long as there is someone out there, who believes in my existence


Rui tries to attack Charon’s but Selesia intercepts and the battle of the mechs get underway. With this small twist of events Altair speaks to the audience narrating this storyline to them and raising acceptance.

Yuya convinces Sho to join their cause after explaining to him what Altair wants to do.

Meanwhile Alice engages on Altair alone after hearing the truth of Mamika’s death. Unfortunately she is nowhere near powerful enough and dies at Altair’s hands and mocked for being a supporting character.

Charon takes first blood as he slices off Rui’s mech’s arm. Selesia tries to convince him to switch sides but it seems that he’s already made up his mind. Even Takashi knows that it’s too late for Charon to change once he’s decided for himself.

Hikayu joins in the battle of mechs and kicks Charon to the ground and convinces Selesia to fight for everyone who believes in her right now. They fly off to continue the fight as Altair joins this battle to go against Hikayu, Yuya, Sho and Blitz.

Selesia sees sense and attacks Charon with Rui. She knows she’s not as strong as Charon, but forces him into submission by allowing him to get close for a fatal wound and Rui blows them both up on Selesia’s request and they exit the story together.


Well now I’m sad. Takashi please give them coffee! They deserve only the best…

Okay, so I did see deaths coming, and I predicted Alice because as Altair savagely pointed out, she was only a member of the supporting cast, and because of that she was disposable. Though this was probably obvious to everyone. The only way they could’ve kept her alive was if everything was going to go according to plan and they wipe out Altair very quickly. We all knew that wasn’t going to happen and she only really came into focus when Gai came back to help her gain powers as she was turning sides.

What I didn’t expect was Selesia’s death, having been in the anime since episode 1. I always felt her, along with Meteora, who’ve really become good friends, would be amongst the final ones left standing doing a victory lap around the stadium. When Charon appeared I always thought they would turn him to the good side. I guess that probably wouldn’t have made good viewing and story. It still saddens me though, she came a long way only to be killed off by the one she loved.

Even the creators share my sentiment. Gai and Takashi were both very sad, sure it’s only a creation of theirs, but it still feels like their ‘child’. The fact that they’ve actually met and spent time with their creations probably made it hit that much harder. I’ve mentioned it countless times, but the death of one of my favourite anime characters a while back, I’ll avoid names so no spoilers, had me depressed for a week. Not quite to the levels of Watashi ga Motete Dousunda’s Kae Serinuma, but near enough.

All this talk of death does brings up a discussion I’ve had previously when Mamika died. What happens in the stories? I assume the show goes on and this is treated as a spin off that doesn’t affect what’s canon? If so, I also then assume the characters don’t remember any of the real world when they return? Actually the other thing is if they live to tell the tale, how do they return? Or is it that since Altair is responsible for the blending of the worlds, once she dies they’ll all return and forget everything? If that’s the case, then death is basically returning faster. So that makes me feel slightly better and I’ll just sit on that resolution… As the title of the episode, no one would believe the character to have died off completely from the stories, but for this spin off collaboration, they probably do believe the characters have exited.

I have waited a while for an episode where the characters could show off their combat prowess and I’m not disappointed. For this series this is probably one of the better animated episodes with the action scenes looking very crisp.

Moving on from the action though, Altair looks basically unkillable. She can reflect damage and it’s damn hard enough to even get damage on her. With the remaining creations being Sho, Yuya, Hikayu, Blitz and an injured Rui, I really don’t see how they can win this. Especially when they’ve tried that 4v1 this episode and failed miserably.

This of course means that their last trump card, and probably the trump card that will turn the tide of battle towards the good guys, is Sota’s creation. Fitting because he is clearly the main character of the series if we’re looking at it from the view of a main character being weak at the start but continues to develop until they’re strong.

I do love the fourth wall breakage to the audience that is, Altair truly knows what she’s doing and loves putting on a show.