Somebody receives the power of creation, and the spirit is redeveloped from their passion.


The battle continues after Selesia and Charon’s exit. Annoyed at this, Hikayu attacks but has her powers removed by Altair and thrown aside to be a powerless spectator. The battle continues to be one-sided for Altair as she’s used this birdcage against them turning it into her story to boost her own acceptance.

This is confirmed by Meteora, however, that also means they still have a chance to erase Altair. And they decide to use their secret weapon which has been foreshadowed in the prequel.

Meteora uses her new powers and summons out a new character with powers on par with Altair. The acceptance of the story has reached a level where the new character is able to stay, but she has no personality. Her name is Sirius and she is apparently a previous design from Setsuna who has then been fine tuned by Takashi and they’ve brought her into this world as a copy to fight Alair. Her goal is to become Altair.

Unfortunately Altair actually takes over Sirius due to the fact that Sirius is just an empty shell thanks to being a rushed creation. The battle continues with Yuya and Shou taking near fatal damage meaning Blitz is the only one remaining and the birdcage is also becoming unstable.

Sota does have his final secret weapon though, another character that currently doesn’t have enough acceptance to be able to be brought into the world. But with Magane’s help they are able to. The birdcage’s scenery changes and they are transported to the train station where Setsuna died, the new character shows herself, and it is Setsuna Shimazaki herself.


Looks like things are on the up and up, the battles intensify and the plot thickens. Which is much needed after a long stagnant period of filler type episodes and build up. We are also left with a very interesting cliffhanger that I’m assuming is the culmination of Sota’s work along with Magane’s help. I can only speculate at this stage, but I guess the reason Setsuna is alive here is because Sota created her based on what he knew of her? I’m assuming this is not another Irina situation where Setsuna’s someone brought back to life with ‘black magic’.

Regardless something other than brute force is what they need to beat Altair. And a pretty big move as well to bring the story to where the suicide happened. I wonder if it’ll have any affect though, I mean clearly Altair is affected by this move to some degree as seen by her reaction. But as it’s not the real Setsuna, again assuming they haven’t brought the dead back to life, it could end up like a ‘this isn’t the real Setsuna I knew’ scenario. But given how close we are to wrapping up the series it looks like this will likely be the final trump card.

I’ve seen a lot of villains in anime over the years and the strongest could be beaten with brute force if you have enough to overpower them. But with Altair even if you could overpower her she would bounce the damage back and kill you  as evidenced by Alice. That’s if you get the power up to begin with as we learned this episode she can negate plot twists, which is pretty much most power ups. Sirius was the right idea though, a creation at a similar level to start with. It’s just unfortunate that Altair knew what was going on and overpowered her. I’m happy that no one died this episode though, I was expecting Hikayu to die, she seems currently like the most ‘throwaway-able’ character given her late entrance into the series and current uselessness. Though I suppose in turn that makes her less likely to die.

I wonder what the audience is thinking because the fourth wall breakage from all the character is ridiculous. They must think this is half a joke. I guess Altair has no writer so it’s easier to accept a new personality if they don’t know what she was likebefore, but Deadpool level of fourth wall breakage is unexpected.

Keeping on the audience discussion, I wanted to touch on the whole acceptance of a new character for them to appear in the world premise. Because the current situation is bringing in a newcomer as a means to win against a powerful villain that the current cast can’t beat, which is not an original setting and so not unexpected. Some people love it, like when a new power is found or a new character arrives to somehow suddenly trump the enemy, it can be very exciting for some and fairly typical of shounen.

But some people dislike it and I’m probably included in that group as I view it as an ‘asspull’, like quite a lot of Bleach was… and that perfect Susanoo, if you know which anime I’m talking about… It’s mostly lazy writing and usually not well thought out. I mean sure Sirius was foreshadowed and sure I agree this is probably the only way to beat her at that time, but the author then shouldn’t have written themselves into a hole to begin with. Good planning sorts out all of those issues.

In terms of the acceptance thing, I would’ve thought that the audience will still accept that Altair is the villain and will lose eventually right? Because it sure doesn’t look that way. If the audience doesn’t believe everyone to be dead, then they won’t be? Is that how it is? It reminds me of Death Note where we all knew Light was going to lose eventually being the bad guy, of course we still liked him as a character, but he was evil. Much like Altair, so surely there’s enough acceptance to believe that Altair will lose or weaken right? Or maybe I’ve misunderstood it.