The Chamber Festival, the battle to save the world is over, and although they received criticism for the story, it’s not something they particularly care about.

Takashi laments the death of his creation, but Meteora assures him that even if the Selesia that came to this world died, it only ends one of the many possible branches of existence for Selesia and he will still continue the story to its ending. Although the Selesia in the stories that he continues is someone he will never meet.

As with everything else, all good things must come to an end and Meteora gathers all the creations to tell them they only have a few days to return to their own worlds, if they choose to return that is.

Yuya and Shuu do choose to return, Shuu to take revenge for his family’s deaths and Yuya because he’d be bored without Shuu around.

Kanoya and Hikayu also prepare to leave and share some comical last words with their creators.

Blitz gives his short farewells on the day he passes through the gate, seems like he still doesn’t like Suruga much but accepts that he can’t do anything to stop what she writes.

Lastly is Meteora, but actually she can’t go back because she needs to be the one casting the spell on the human side. As she puts it, it’s like picking yourself up and throwing yourself, it’s impossible to do. But she’s okay with that, she likes this world and would like to try out creating a world of her own. Kikuchihara will sort out all the necessary documents before resigning from the ministry and joining the publishing world.

As the days move on, everyone settles back to their daily lives and continue creating. Meteora finishes up her novel and after a suggestion from Sota, she titles it Re:Creators


As last episode was the ending, I fully expected an epilogue type episode to tidy up loose ends. Although that said, one massive loose end we didn’t get to was what happened with Magane. I feel like that since the anime’s been so good at planning around any plot holes I’m willing to think it’s me who missed something in an earlier episode about what happened to her, so please tell me if I did. Otherwise I guess she is probably like Meteora i.e. lost her powers and living a quiet life in the real world.

Otherwise I think it was more than a satisfactory ending. I got answers to my questions such as will Vogelchevalier continue now that Selesia is dead? Well of course the show will go on, a simple theory of branches of universes explains that away. Multiple universes would also explain away where the characters go back to because it’s probably not the same one as the anime currently showing.  And we even see what happens if they don’t make it back in Meteora. I kinda also wanted to see Selesia drinking coffee at some point, but I’m okay without that.

This ending actually reminds me of Digimon Adventure 02 because when it all ended TK was also writing a book on their adventures. It seems like one of the easy ways to wrap things up and explain how it was narrated, by making it out that it was all written in a book. But sometimes it’s very fitting, especially when a lot of it was told from Meteora’s point of view.

On the topic of Setsuna because it was briefly mentioned this episode, I believe that characters can have a ‘mind of their own’. Stories can sometimes write themselves and go off on a tangent, so I don’t think it’s impossible to believe that the creation Setsuna did actually ‘become’ the real Setsuna because of how detailed her character and personality was. Because of course it wasn’t the real her and the dead can’t come back to life.

A few short but noticeable things this episode I really liked including Hikayu saying, after the fight was done, that the supporting cast is just as crucial to the story as the main cast is and the Mamika meeting Alicetaria poster, possibly hinting at a new collaboration.

After watching this in full and looking back, the theme of the story was quite clear throughout i.e. the relationship between the creator, the created and its audience. Altair brought the new dimension to make the story being what if the audience was the joint creators? I think one of the biggest lessons here is that the creator depends on its audience to appreciate what they write otherwise it won’t come to be ‘accepted’ and that piece of work may never make it to the public eye and in that regard the audience can even dictate the story, especially in the internet age where fans can instantly upload thoughts and comments. There have been examples in history where the audience has influenced the creator, the one I’m thinking of is a drastic one where Conan Doyle had to ‘revive’ Sherlock after killing him off due to popular demand. I wouldn’t be surprised if creators read a lot of their feedback online and may even incorporate it into their creation.

Overall I do have a few complaints such as the latter half of the two cour season had pacing issues. Altair was definitely overtuned, she herself created countless deus ex machinas, even though they did set up a premise where it’s doable and it was because of it that an ending like the one shown could be created, so I may let this one drop. Otherwise, it was a memorable anime and well thought out story.