Everything must have a beginning


After passing out at the land of the dragons, Chise wakes up on Elias’ lap. They’re currently on a steam train not meant for humans. Elias is visited by a talking cat, who explains that with the nine lives that cats have they grow wiser each time they die. He tells Elias that their king awaits at Ulthar.

They meet with the king, Molly, who was the one who asked the church for their assistance. Elias leaves Chise to investigate as a girl who is Molly’s owner appears.

After the girl leaves, Molly shows Chise around and tells her of their history. It was back at a time when not even with 9 lives they can remember, a time where there was a man who killed cats for fun. That was ended by the first king of cats who gathered everyone for an assault that killed the man.

Molly leads Chise to where her problem lies, a tiny piece of land in the middle of a huge lake where a black bubbling substance known as ‘filth’ is trying to escape that has the power to kill all life.

However before Chise is able to hear more detail, a random girl appears out of nowhere and shoves her into the lake. But deep in the depths, Chise meets the reason of the ‘filth’, a woman who died and her lover who is unwilling to let go.

She is rescued by Elias who decides that they will clense the ‘filth’ at night. Nearby, the girl from before and another watches.

At night Chise begins the cleansing alone as Elias’ magic isn’t suitable but she is instantly under threat from the duo that were watching them. They stop her and hold her hostage. The guy with the girl is Renfred and is a sorcerer, someone that Elias is familiar with.


Needless to say, coming from the land of dragons to a kingdom of cats was not really something I was excited to see. I unfortunately developed a dislike for cats ever since one stray cat nearly put me to death when I was younger with its diseased claws, so you’ll have to excuse me for my bias. Though funnily enough this story ended up being about someone who killed cats and then was avenged by the cats and then turns into something that kills more cats, so if any cats can read this, be wary. At least I’m not a cat killer, plus they started it on me…

For a moment, with the magic, countryside and steam train I forgot that this was modern day where in London the Shard has been built. Certainly a contrast to modern day London, not that it makes any difference. I always feel that a historical backdrop suits magic more given that sorcery was ‘common’ in the middle ages, or rather more commonly associated with things.

Chise’s been annoyingly unlucky again, getting herself in deep water, literally, once more and having to be fished out. If Elias ever starts teaching her magic, please teach her how to survive under water first. But she did have an interesting chat with Mina who wants to die which continues nicely from Nevin’s acceptance of death from last episode. This likely makes Chise think hard about her own death, especially now that the cat’s out of the bag (no pun intended), and she’s notified she doesn’t have long. I’m unsure how much truth is in that as it was suggested before as long as Chise can control her powers she can live longer, so we’ll have to see whether this is just a scare tactic from Renfred or not.

Regardless, the rest of what Renfred had to say doesn’t matter. So what if Elias is using her for his curiosity? He still technically purchased her and hence owns her freedom, and also everyone dies eventually, just because it comes sooner for some doesn’t change the fact of the matter. I mean, there’s plenty of horrendous places she could’ve ended up after signing away her freedom, so I don’t think she should be particularly bothered when she thinks about it for a while. In either case, I don’t think any of the accusations are true anyway.

The main story at hand here is the cat killer though, which I think we all can safely assume is Matthew and the corruption is himself for all the evil he’s caused. I kinda wonder how it happened, and most importantly why. Was it because the cats liked his wife and she died? Did he blame the cats? I’m intrigued, because mass murder, to whatever animal, hints at some sort of mental disorder unless you want to say a mass murderer is normal…

But for now, I’m more intrigued by what Renfred plans to do with the black bubbly goo. What use can you possibly have for something that wants to kill so bad they won’t leave this world after death? More death is what I can think of, and judging by Renfred’s character, I wouldn’t put it past him.