Part 1 – Episode 18

Back in 1999, Meiko’s dad brought Meicoomon to the research lab to study Digimon but for some reason Meicoomon went on a rampage and only returned to normal when it saw Meiko.

In present day, after threatening to kill Meiko, Meicoomon goes on rampage again. It is named the ‘the key to destroying the world’ as all Digimon around turn hostile and holes to the real world appear.

Elsewhere Himekawa continues her search for her partner Tapirmon.

Hackmon visits Professor Mochizuki and informs them about the situation. Meicoomon is referred to as Libra, and it has a shard of Apocalymon’s data in it making it especially dangerous. What balanced out this ‘darkness’ was the fact that Meiko was always with it to suppress the darkness. Now that suppressed power is breaking lose, it’s bursting out.

Back in the digital world, the original Digidestined try to return home but are met with constant changing scenery as the digital world tries to get rid of them.

Part 2 – Episode 19

Meiko feels the burden of not being able to help Meicoomon but everyone convinces her it will be fine.

Hackmon continues and informs them that Homeostatis has decided on eliminating Meicoomon due to the failure of the reboot. The JSDF will be working with Hackmon to destroy Meicoomon.

The DigiDestined finally return to the real world but appear in a park and are chased out by police fearing their Digimon. Izzy hides them all in his laptop and they’re brought in for questioning. Daigo rescues them and drives them to school.

Part 3 – Episode 20

Izzy theorises that the reason why the Digimon world is trying to exterminate Meicoomon is that it is the ‘switch’ that turns all Digimon evil.

The next day, Meicoomon attacks the school and a fight breaks out dragging in Jesmon, the Digimon that Homeostasis brought in. Evil Jennai appears again powering up Meicoomon so that her very existence disintegrates everything around it.

Part 4 – Episode 21

As the battle between Jesmon and Meicoomon rages, Meicoomon protects Meiko for a brief moment. The Digidestined see this as a sign of hope and goes against Homeostasis to protect Meicoomon instead.

Their fight eventually leads them back to the Digital World where Alphamon also joins in to fight off Jesmon as a messenger of Yggdrasil.

The battle continues to a climax as Taichi decides to kill off Meicoomon. But a large attack opens up the floor below them and Taichi and Daigo fall to a presumed death.

Hikari freaks out and her Digimon Digivolves to Ophanimon and fuses with Meicoomon to destroy the world.


This may have been written in haste as I forgot I still had this to write, the main reason being that this ‘episode’ was just bad and I don’t care for it. Soy you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not writing as well as I normally am. Busy life schedule and an uninteresting Digimon Tri episode does not mix well for blog writing.

But let me make one thing clear, it’s not just this episode, so far most of Tri has been a disappointment. I don’t think it was wrong of me to expect a lot from this, after all, they hyped it up well. I definitely enjoyed the nostalgia at the start, but that excitement of seeing your old favourite characters only lasted so long and this was an abysmal episode. It was almost cringe worthy, the plot is bad, and everything else is mediocre.

So I’m writing the rest of this blog quite a number of months after watching it, mainly because I haven’t had any time and also because I’m struggling in thinking of what to write about as I have nothing but disdain towards this ‘movie’ as mentioned above. Basically, what I’m saying is not to expect much in the way of compliments…

I get the whole Taichi development thing at least, he’s come a long way from episode one where he started thinking about the consequences of his battles and the responsibility he has. I’m sure the phrase ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ rings through everyone’s ears at this point, but I guess it’s so fitting that I have to repeat it here.

The original series never really outlined the collateral damage to citizens when the monster battles took place, so it wasn’t an issue, but as the Digimon fandom has grown, it’s right to show a more responsible side of the original protagonist. I’m writing all this because I believe this explains his own sacrifice to save the others and not himself.

Self sacrifice comes with its own courage and dedication, though sometimes people feel it’s an easier decision to make, but trust me, when you’re in a situation where it’s your life or theirs, your survival instincts will kick in and trying to ignore it shouting ‘save yourself’, is extremely difficult. Not that I’m talking from experience, but I have heard from experience. So Taichi has grown and learnt about his responsibility. Assuming he’s not dead though, because of Adventure 02 ending, I wonder where he’s ended up.

Otherwise I have little to comment on this episode as frankly nothing really happened. In my notes for when I was watching the episode one of my sentences read, this series did not do Kouji Wada justice, and even looking back on my notes a couple of months later, I still completely agree.

Other notes I made were regarding improvements that I saw this episode like Agumon was funny, not really an improvement… and they at least did split screen for Digivolutions this time. I think I mainly remember a lack of plot movement and that many elements of the episode could be skipped and it would still make coherent sense, such as the school ghost stories part and the travelling in the Digital World. The school ghost stories part were perhaps reliving the ‘good times’ as I believe the Japanese think their school life as their most exciting times (correct me if I’m wrong. But the travelling around was pointless, I’m not even sure what you can call it.

Apologies for taking this long, and also apologies for not having too much to say, but I mean, I think you can see for yourself there really isn’t that much to say. I hope the final episode will redeem the series as we reach climax. So far I’m not impressed and this episode made it worse. At the time of writing I’m not in a particular mood to completely rip this episode apart, so I’m gonna leave it there and go to sleep.