Let sleeping dogs lie


In his fit of rage, Elias launches onto the monster forgetting Chise. Ulysse, who sees Isabella in Chise helps her instead and shares his memory with her. Ulysse was a dog who’s owner was Isabelle. Unfortunately Isabelle was struck down by a carriage and died, Ulysse followed as he waited by her grave for her to wake up.

Chise wakes up and stops Elias attacked the other sorcerer, known as Cartaphilus. Renfred then arrives and fires a shot into the sorcerer’s head. Elias calms down and turns back to normal. But Cartaphilus gets back up and summons out another monster, a spider chimera with Isabelle’s head.

Angered by this and Cartaphilus’ previous dealings with Matthew and Mina, Chise refuses to give Ulysse up and summons a swarm of tarantula hawks to attack. Elias stops her from getting into harm’s way and they are teleported away by Blue Flame, a will-o’-the-wisp.

In that time they manage to hide from Cartaphilus, Ulysse signs a pact with Chise and becomes her familiar. Cartaphilus eventually finds them with his chimera but that is quickly taken out by Ulysse, or Ruth as the name Chise bestows him. Cartaphilus backs off.

Renfred and Elias talk about Cartaphilus, apparently legend has it that he was cursed so that he could never die, and so in his boredom he roams around aimlessly looking for things to satisfy his curiosity.


As expected, Chise isn’t in any severe danger and looks pretty much fine all episode. I felt they should’ve at least given her some medical magic to make it a little more realistic as I don’t get how she survived being stabbed and then wake up as though she just had a nap. Sure she says she’s in pain, but there was no physical demonstration of that. I may just go with that her own magic allowed her to self healed, too convenient otherwise, not to say self healing isn’t convenient either. Speaking of convenience, I’m surprised Cartaphilus allowed them to perform the pact whilst he watched.

Also as expected Chise calmed Elias. It was a little bit bland and typical but I suppose we didn’t expect anything more interesting to come out of this.

The most intriguing part for me was what Elias warned Chise not to do that she was apparently going to do before Elias stopped her. Usually with magic what not to do is bringing back the dead and I’m assuming that wasn’t it. Still, interesting development nonetheless as this was the first time Chise showed some aggression in her magic usage, showing a step forward for her from earlier weaker days at the start of the series. Now with a familiar by her side and hopefully more control over her powers I’m actually interested to see if they might do a big battle scene at some point. So far it’s been small scaled and tame, not that this is the point of the series.

Cartaphilus’ backstory wasn’t all that surprising. The cursed with immortality part was the only surprising part. I assumed that all sorcerers and mages lived really long lives anyway which is why Cartaphilus appeared back in the olden days, but actually this makes more sense. His actions are a little more understandable, though still wrong. But immortality is not something to laugh at, after a while, everyone goes crazy. Then again, who’s to say that’s what would happen, no one’s ever had it but I think after doing everything, you’d eventually be so bored that perhaps killing and dangerous experiments are the only things left to interest you.

Another episode, another sad story. This one didn’t have quite as much detail though with Ulysse dying of loneliness after his owner. Reminds me of a recent story I saw on the news that a dog was left at an airport abandoned by its owner and died of loneliness and refused to eat. Ulysse sadly followed the same lonely road, but at least in death he’s able to find a new owner. Which is of course the most important event this episode. I’m not quite down with the name Ruth, but I guess I can ignore that… I actually really liked Ulysse.

I see the theme that’s going on though, from cats to dogs. Not to stir up any arguments here, but a dog’s man’s best friend after all so much better fit than cats. I’ll agree with the argument that cats are better for witches/mages, but wasn’t that because they turn into cats? Regardless, Ulysse/Ruth is cute and funny.

I’m assuming we’ll see Cartaphilus again later in the series, they’ve set him up to be an interesting villain that won’t die. But at least that’s an aim for the end of this battle, to lift his curse and actually let him rest. He may be a villain but given the chance to finally move on, I think he would take it. Unless his mind’s completely gone, which also could be the case. So far though, he’s the big bad guy, and I don’t think that’ll change.