Lovers ever run before the clock


Back at home alone, Renfred’s warning regarding Chise’s wellbeing keeps ringing in Elias’ mind.

Lindel continues his story to Chise. After giving Elias a name, Lindel and Elias wander around the world. Elias seems to pick things up fast, but doesn’t seem to understand the world.

One day they were running low on food and Lindel visits a small village but due to a child being able to see Elias hiding in the shadows, they are chased out as monsters. A stray rock hurled by the villagers injures Lindel and Elias retaliates until Lindel stops him and transports them to where the forest gods live. But Lindel is unable to stand due to using magic so Elias takes them both to safety and makes food. During their conversation then, Elias lets on a revelation that he’s certain he’s eaten humans before.

Chise isn’t bothered by that, since she was a child she has been able to see creatures and they talk of eating humans. She was scared back then but Elias has never scared her.

The next morning the wand making begins, Lindel takes some of her hair as the core of the wand and Chise begins the carving.

At the end of the night when Chise finishes her carving, Lindel performs a song to make the land bloom with flowers.


Still disappointed that Chise’s wand is yet to be finished but I can only assume they want to save that for the end of the first half, that’s fine, more backstory it is. I don’t mind a lack of plot movement if I can get a beautiful episode. Plus Chise gets a haircut, that’s a huge development in itself. Although partially sarcasm, the haircut event for a girl in anime is usually a ‘rite of passage’ thing where she has decided to become more independent and stronger, e.g. Shirayuki and Yona, again listing out more similarities between this and those two anime. Regardless, I feel like this haircut isn’t quite that ‘rite of passage’ like the other two, however I still believe it’s symbolic to some degree.

To jump onto a separate point, I think Lindel made a great point regarding the eating humans. If you think about it, there are a lot of things in the animal kingdom that, given the chance, will eat us. We don’t call them monsters, though we would run, but we still live with them and with many species are protected, just because the thing doesn’t resemble wild animals doesn’t mean it’s a monster. What’s the difference between that and a lion for example, lions are cuter perhaps? Okay I get the whole magic part being the unknown factor, but I don’t think that should be the first thing we see, shouldn’t discriminate from first sight!

I’ve said it before that Chise should’ve learnt a breathing under water spell first, and it looks like I was right. Either that or they’ve decided to make it a running gag… it’s funny enough I suppose. She was also able to get out herself this time whilst taking in the scenery at the bottom of the lake.

After a lot of danger and aggressive magic, it’s great to witness some ‘lighter’ magic that is aesthetically pleasurable. Here I was worried about the lack of magic overall as well, I’m glad that was wrongly believed. A lure of the anime originally for me was how amazing the scene in the OP was when Chise was spinning atop thousands of candles, and that is still amazing to watch. From that I knew this was going to be something special and although I waited a while for scenery magic like this, I say it was worth it. It’s not often you get a level of animation and music combination this gorgeous.

But I found one of the most fascinating parts of the episode to be when Elias and Chise talked in the magical video call. Sure Elias has struggled with human emotion before, but sadness seems to be the one he is most familiar with now, and as one of the 8 main human emotions, at least according to Plutchik, he’s becoming more human by the minute. I’m talking about that loneliness he felt without Chise. That is a very complicated emotion, I admit not solely reserved for humans, but a huge step nonetheless. Previously it has been a mix of sadness and anger giving a raw animal like rage, whilst this time it’s much more subtle and pronounced at the same time.

Also, I don’t think people should dismiss talking to yourself too quickly, it can be very therapeutic. I find it can help you think and ‘talk’ things out surprisingly. You may come off as crazy, but it’s fun, you can actually convince yourself in and out of things, I’d say give it a try first and yes I am crazy.