East, west, home’s best.


Chise joins Elias on the sheep shearing but is attacked by an icy flying sheep that eats warmth. Elias intervenes to chase it away but Chise’s warmth had been eaten and she is freezing.

Elias warms her up and tells her that he feels warm with her around. They sit next to each other for a while as Chise tells him about the land of dragons and also asks about the time when Elias was on the verge of eating her that one night when he couldn’t turn back from monster form. Elias tries to use magic to make Chise forget but she stops him.

Chise tells him about her family and how she was left alone, and yet Elias wanted her to be family with him and so she’s not afraid of him and wants to find out more about him. Chise explains to him that the coldness he felt when Chise wasn’t here was likely loneliness. Elias seems to understand and wishes for Chise to teach him many more human things.

Chise continues her studies in magic and improves over time with Elias’ help.

One late night a being by the name of Ashen Eye visits upon hearing of the ‘birth’ of a new mage. He’s apparently been alive for a millennia. He inspects Chise closely for a moment before transforming her into a fox and taking her on his shoulders.


We begin the episode with the same ‘preview’ of this second cour as shown in the previous episode, so nothing new there and it looks like further mortal danger is heading Chise’s way. That breathing under water spell probably won’t come in handy if she’s falling from the sky this time.

So I mentioned how it would be suitable for a time skip between the first and second cours, well sadly we didn’t get that but there was a sorta time skip in there wasn’t there? That point where Chise started learning more magic and they cleared out a study, sure it wasn’t long but that was something.

In terms of content, this entire episode was lacklustre, it only reminded everyone what had previously happened. What was reiterated was Chise’s new determination to find out more about Elias and also making up her mind about staying with him. It was disappointing to see Elias save her again from that ice sheep, I was hoping for her to fight it off herself considering she can turn into a phoenix, though I understand that it was set up to have the Elias x Chise talk scene. I’m also glad that scene took place as  it emphasised how far Chise has come in terms of her resolve, i.e. shoving Elias’ staff out of the way for example, she was nowhere near confident or resolute enough to do that 12 episodes ago, and perhaps even only a few episodes ago as well.

I also mentioned how Elias felt lonely when Chise wasn’t around and it was good to see Chise help him to that realisation. After all, if they do intend on having a long life together Elias needs human understanding. It’s as Lindel said, perhaps even after this many years Elias is still a child, perhaps he is very young  of his species, whatever that is, but at least he’s willing to learn. That said, the reaction to make Chise forget didn’t feel like an instinct reaction. It felt very human of not wanting to scare Chise, and whether that’s caring for her or scared that she might run from him, both are very human.

Also Ruth is so cute like a sheepdog! Can’t get enough of that scene.

Unfortunately Chise is hurled into danger yet again, at least this time it’s not underwater! But still, it’s something else, something that her necklace revealed though sadly too late. That said, this may not be danger, could be a repeat of Lindel. After all, apparently Elias knows this guy. Maybe it’s to take her away to train and this is where I get the time skip? Who knows.