Looks breed love


Ashen eyes sets Chise off and stops Elias from chasing her saying that if Chise really longs for home she’ll return. Elias refuses to be stopped and chases after her anyway to the edge of the forest. He says he needs her because he doesn’t like the loneliness and Chise agrees that she hates the cold too and returns with him in human form.

Elias explains that the fox hide Ashen Eye threw on Chise turns the user into a fox and will answer to the owner’s wishes. But of course Chise doesn’t want to try that on again.

Later at that night, the vampire who was with Joel comes rushing to request Chise’s help as Joel is near death. Unfortunately not much can be done and Joel likely only has a week left. The vampire blames herself and leaves. However on his deathbed Joel still wishes to see that beautiful woman one more time.

Chise is determined to make a fairy ointment that would allow Joel to see the vampire one more time, and Elias allows it even though it’ll be difficult work that will strain Chise out and is also taboo.

Chise finishes the ointment and Joel finally meets the vampire face to face once more before giving the last bit of his life to her and passing on.


I wonder when the last time was when the anime didn’t end on Chise in danger? Feels like ages ago, and I’m not saying it’s getting old as the cliffhanger is obviously working, but it’s like when I watched Re:Zero, I’m just thinking, they need to let her catch a break.

That said, the danger from the last episode was over way too quickly, I think it was over in less than five minutes into this episode and that includes the opening theme. It feels like I was cheated but I did mention that I expected something like this and it was possibly not a serious danger. Though it makes me wonder the significance of seeing Ashen Eye through her necklace because it seemed clear that it showed something evil. Maybe we’ll be told about that another time.

Continuing on that topic, if the hide answers to one’s wishes, does that mean if Elias wasn’t around Chise’s actual wish is to explore the far reaches of the world and run away from civilisation? I guess it shows how much love and emotional influence a person may have, which if I’m not mistaken seems to be the theme of this episode with the Leanan Sidhe and Joel relationship.

The whole Joel situation is an interesting one. Firstly I’d like to say I have no idea what the Sidhe’s name is until literally about a minute ago when I finally searched it, so I will refer to her as Redcurrant from now on. Anyway, on the one hand you have Redcurrant causing Joel’s life to shorten by being around him because she loves him and on the other hand, Joel found inspiration to push past his inertia because of her. It feels like a give and take situation which is equal and honestly feels like how all relationships should work. Though I think Redcurrant worked that out in the end, choosing to wait at Joel’s house for eternity and staying true to one person for the rest of her life.

Sadly because of helping out, Chise did break a taboo of making fairy ointment. Though the coughing up blood may be an indication of how little life she has left to work with anyway, especially if she keeps pushing herself like this. Given that I thought Elias was starting to feel more attached to her with the loneliness thing, I wonder if he knew how grave the consequences would be? Or again, it could be the anime blowing things out of proportion and actually a bit of fairy healing will solve it easily…