There is no place like home


Chise and Elias travel to the land of fairies to cure Chise’s ailment. A doctor on the fairy side, Shannon, gives her a new charm to hold back her magic so it doesn’t burst through her veins which would bring further internal bleeding.

Elias talks with Titania who requests that they both live on the fairy side because it would be healthier for them but Elias is happy to stay in the human world.

Shannon leads Chise to a pond that heals her wounds but for some reason forces her into the pond to drown. Turns out this was to bring out Chise’s will to live so her wounds would heal because of that determination.

Back at home, Silky is alone cleaning the house and remembers back to before arriving here. She was a banshee who’d lost her home who then, with the help of Spriggan, found a new home in Elias’s place which at the time was occupied by another family.


So much for Chise not being in mortal peril for just one episode. Now I know it ended up differently this episode as it was to help gain back her will to live and also it’s good character development, but I still can’t help but feel it was getting a little old. Anyway, it’s not like any of the other cliff-hanger dangers were anything to worry about, and this wasn’t even a cliff-hanger so I did have a feeling nothing big was up.

If there’s something that’s been annoying me since the new cour, it’s that every big peril has been dealt with too smoothly and swiftly. I get that they’re doing episodics right now and that’s fine, but I’m still used to last season’s arcs and maybe that’s influenced me enough that having dangers resolved in an episode seems too short lived and not engaging enough. But it has to be agreed that the fox ‘peril’ last episode for example was way too short, it’s like they didn’t even spend any time in thinking or planning it out. Similarly for this episode it was barely half the episode and Chise recovered through one small scene of ‘death-defiance’, which I thought she’d gotten over in last season anyway.

The only slight plot progression we got during that half of the episode was the potential for Chise to live in the fairy world, though that doesn’t seem to be happening anyway. But it was interesting to hear about it and how the two worlds differ.

The second half of the episode was dedicated to a member of the cast who’s never spoken and has been a figure of interest to me for a while. Although I may have lost interest after the first season when it looked like nothing was going to be mentioned. But the anime picks that back up and gives us her backstory.

It was an interesting backstory, but I had hoped there was more to it. She was simply a banshee who lost her home and then found a new one which Elias then moved into at some point and surprisingly not the other way round, i.e. she moved in with Elias. I guess the title of the episode must be for Silky rather than Chise. For her, a place of belonging seems to be all she wants.

I’m hoping we’ll hit a longer story soon especially given how much they hyped up this cour at the end of last cour because so far I’m not seeing much and I was expecting a lot more.