Katrielle and the Resurrected Corpses


Liv is Katrielle’s client this time and the mystery this week involves the sudden death and then reappearance of her husband, Andy. Although Andy was proclaimed dead, he appeared in his bedroom holding a pillow and ran out of the window.

Andy died from an accident at where he worked researching car engines. Liv presents them with the death certificate to confirm this. Also before the accident happened, Liv and Andy had a huge row due to Andy being too focused on his work.

With another dog’s help, they manage to track down Andy’s scent to a nearby graveyard and Katrielle asks Noah to stake out the place until night. As he waits there, he hears the sound of a door opening and Andy and his fellow researchers appear walking like zombies. Too scared, Noah makes a run for it.

After hearing about what happened, Katrielle believes she’s solved everything and everyone goes to the graveyard.

As soon as the zombies appear again, Katrielle sprays water all over them washing off their zombie make up. It turns out that they faked their deaths so they could conduct rocket research and put all of their effort into it without worrying about families.

Katrielle invited Liv along to this and she hears everything, unsurprisingly she’s upset that Andy’s job means more to him than her. But actually he wants to complete the rocket so that he can keep a promise he made to her as a child which was to take her to the moon.


I’m sure if you’re watching a detective series you’ll be familiar with Sherlock’s famous quote ‘Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.’ This quote was more than enough to give me the answer to this mystery. With the simple explanation that the impossible is zombies, they must still be alive and every other clue falls in place around it.

The pillow thing was a fairly obvious, can’t sleep without my own pillow, which even I have an issue with and it sucks for going to hotels… Then when you consider why they would fake their death the only obvious reason left is clearly work especially considering how much effort was put into it before. Now that I’ve deduced work, that ticks off the door and diagram as they’ll need somewhere to work and hide and that work is that diagram.

The only thing I didn’t get was the nice smelling powder and how that related to make up. It’s probably because I don’t use makeup so I won’t understand… oh well, I’m happy leaving it.

Now that we’re a few episodes in, I’m starting to wonder about the dog and why he can speak. I read a little into it and apparently only Katrielle and Noah can hear him speak which I have noticed. I believe it’s a part of the game so maybe this is one thing that won’t be explained. Unless it’s something to do with Luke who was Hershel Layton’s apprentice and could speak with animals. That was about the only non ‘normal’ thing in the games. I guess they needed Luke in this game somehow.

I liked this mystery, but did think the premise was a little extraordinary. They’re treating death as a small thing when in real life if someone died it’d be a huge thing and police would be over that. But I won’t poke holes because this was a fun mystery. That’s all I have to say for this one in any case, annoyingly I watched it in full first before blogging so my comments weren’t coming to me as I watched which would be what I do normally. Reason being my friend wanted to challenge me if I could guess the mystery by the time all clues were given and I’m happy to say I did guess correctly, my opening paragraph was how my thought process on this one went.

Note: Apologies I’m quite behind, as mentioned on my SOTW work is heating up a bit and I was also away for a while due to work so I’m playing catch up at the moment. Hopefully the next bank holiday will help me get back up to speed!