Katrielle and the Phantom Thief of the Century


The episode begins diving instantly into a police investigation, by Inspector Aspoirot, of a theft of a jewel conducted by Phantom Theme Seine. The inspector has trouble finding this thief and so goes to ask Katrielle’s for assistance as he has issued an advance notice that he will steal the Goddess’ Smile, a valuable diamond at the British Museum.

So far Seine has stolen everything he’s wanted to and the police have no idea how he’s done it or even what he looks like, and can’t confirm if he or she.

Katrielle starts gathering evidence from his past victims and notices some moss in a weird place as our first clue. Mold spots is the second and puddles even though there’s been no rain being the third.

After that, the day of the thieving arrives. Aspoirot comes by to see how Katrielle is doing and gives a fourth clue which is that a small child visited the police station recently about something terrible that was going to happen, but they sent him home without hearing what he had to say.

On the way to the British Museum, a van drives by carrying a huge amount of ice which will be used for cooling down computers at a computer club. Which brings us to our 5th clue that a guy, Bengali, has a super computer at the computer club.

Katrielle figures it out runs after the van to the computer club is. It turns out that it was this Bengali person after all behind this. He worked with a Jay who would steal the gems for him so he wouldn’t have to leave his room through a ludicrously complex method that would require the wind to blow sand in such a way that it goes into a sandcastle (you’ll see what my metaphor means when you watch it). However he only did this so that an area would be sectioned off where a ground subsidence occurs as they talk and no one is hurt. Due to this deed and the fact that Aspoirot realised they never listened to him when he came to report the ground subsidence, he lets him go.


Why is the British museum such a big deal? It’s not even that good, but it’s still on every tourist guide, maybe because it’s central? Either way, science, natural history and V&A museums are far better, but they barely get a mention…

Onto the mystery itself, here are my thoughts as the episode went on, the first three clues clearly point to water being at the scene of all the crimes. Moss, mold and actual water just to be extra clear. Then they point us to the computer cooling and Bengali which would suggest that it’s him who’s behind this by some way of supercomputing. What I don’t understand is how the boy fits into this as he literally gave us no information and I can’t see how it all relates together.

My theories revolves around the computer assisting in the thefts somehow as that’s the main direction we’ve been herded to, so something like the computer generated a distraction so he could go in, or it generated a hologram of the gems so they think it’s stolen but it’s actually there so when everyone leaves to track him they let the security slip and he steals it then, I saw that one on Conan. I just don’t see how the boy ties into this apart from that he’s clearly Bengali…

Right, so I’ve just seen the rest of the episode for the so called solution, and this is the most bs I’ve ever seen. This is more bs than hallucinations, at least that’s partially explainable as a lot of hallucinogens are from plants like magic mushrooms. But controlling a bird, unless you’re Luke, which isn’t even a real thing anyway, it’s not doable. I’m done, I have no more opinion on this mystery, there was no way anyone could’ve got it from the clues as they didn’t even relate to the solution so I don’t even know what they were there for… well they related in the most vague manner as you probably would agree…