Katrielle and the Lucky Man


The case this week is from Frederick, who has been very unfortunate for the past week where everything he seems to do goes very well.

The first time it happened was when he was at a market and a kind old lady handed him a raffle ticket which he subsequently went onto win £10k. The next day he so happens to be the 1millionth customer to set foot in a department store and is given £30k.

This started two weeks ago when he was hit by an arrow to the arm and wants to be shot again and have good fortune once more. Reason being is that his father is ill and whilst he’s been able to pay for a surgery for him with the 40k, he now needs a compatible organ donor that is extremely rare.

The request is to make him lucky again so that his father can find a donor.

The first clue we have from the scene of the shooting is that Angel Arrow’s event was held there at the time. Katrielle further investigates Angel Arrow and visit their HQ. She questions their boss about the event but he dodges the question and leaves.

Second clue is at the scene of the raffle, whereby the raffle was only won by Frederick.

Third clue is at the department store where they find out from the owner that they never had the 30k prize. Fourth clue links both prizes together as they were given out by people in stripped suits. Our final clue comes as a huge mob of media rushes in to question Frederick about his fortune arrow.

Katrielle goes back to find Angel Arrow’s boss and spots a person wearing a striped suit prompting her to solve this mystery.

During the Angel Arrow event an arrow was accidentally let loose hitting Frederick. So to stop this from damaging Angel Arrow’s brand, Seth decided to turn this into a publicity stunt faking the ‘fortune’ and telling the media about it to boost brand awareness.

He wanted to do this for a friend of his called Carl who helped him when he was younger but moved away without telling him. He believes that if he makes it big, his feelings would reach Carl who he wants to repay for his help. It turns out by chance that this Carl is Frederick’s father and with the money he gave at the fake raffles, he’s already repaid Carl by funding his surgery. To add to the fortune, they manage to find a donor for Carl and he’s all better after surgery.

Thoughts – before solution

At first look this mystery seems to be very straight forward and it seems like they decided to dial down the bs from last episode. But if the mystery is as I think it is, it feels way too easy. As soon as the first clue came out I assumed that it means the event was where the arrow was shot. Then the revelation about the fake made it clear that this was either something to make Frederick forget about being shot so he doesn’t prosecute Angel Arrow, or a publicity stunt. The latter was confirmed instantly when the media came.

So, quite simply, it was an accidental stray arrow that injured someone and Seth thought this would be a great idea to turn it into an opportunity. When enough details is revealed most people would put two and two together and figure out he was struck by an arrow from Angel Arrow or Seth would tell everyone that this was the case and boost their brand image.

For the first time all the clues were quite clear to figure out so surely it can’t be anything else right?

Thoughts – post solution

Yeah, pretty much as I thought, I mean I’m not going to give myself any rewards for figuring out this one. Sadly though that means there’s now nothing interesting to talk about as it’s pretty much word for word as expected. Apart from that it was too predictable and even a little boring. Not quite holding up the mantra ‘the truth is stranger than fiction’. But then, I don’t want something like last episode as that was impossible and a load of bs…

I’m still currently watching and also assuming that Carl is Frederick’s dad? Yep, too predictable.

I’m not sure how I feel about them going the completely opposite way from last episode, i.e. from a completely unsolvable mystery to this ridiculously easy one. The consistency is lacking and there wasn’t that much to say.

Just for the record, I was disappointed the arrow only hit him in the arm and he didn’t get shot by an arrow to the knee… if you get that reference.