Professor Layton and Treasure Relics – Part 1


Grandma Rose pops by one day and wants to offer some hints on Hershel’s whereabouts and tells her story.

A woman by the name of Marina came to ask Hershel for help on finding her husband who turns out to be non-other than Luke Triton. He disappeared a few days ago after locking himself away to solve a mystery.

Hershel visits Luke’s room and notices that Luke had left a puzzle to his whereabouts. Luke had figured that he could call for Hershel’s help if he got into danger.

Three aspects of Luke’s room give his location away, a crack on the ceiling, a rug on the floor which is a section of the city, and a stopped clock on his desk. At that particular time the clock stopped at, Hershel opens the window to allow sunlight in which shines through the crack onto the rug map below pointing towards the British museum.

They visit the Museum and make contact with Zachbarn, the person in charge. He invites them to his room and denies any knowledge of Luke, but Layton figures out that Luke left another message in his office to tell them that he is here. With nowhere to hide, Zachbarn sends in his men.

Hershel beats them all and figures out that Zachbarn was Don Paolo all along, his archnemesis. Hershel threatens him away and rescues Luke. Hershel and Luke chat about the Relic Stones mystery which Luke finally explains to Marina.

Legend has it that the Relic Stones are connected to a huge treasure, but they are also cursed and brings misfortune to anyone involved. 120 years ago the first stone was found and it started emitting a light pointing to the next stone, to this day the current stone is still point to the next stone. People believe that eventually, it’ll lead to treasure, but at the moment it remains an unsolvable mystery and lasts for eternity as the rocks will never end.

Layton accepts Luke’s help as he wants to solve this mystery for his daughter. His first thought is that the stones are pointing at only stones, i.e. continuously lighting the way to another stone until it reaches the ‘first’ stone again in a never ending loop. As people just throw away the stones that loses their light they’ll keep going in circles. Layton wants to gather all the stones in one place and then see what happens.

Since then, no one’s heard from them. Katrielle takes another look at the letter than Hershel left for her which is a puzzle for her saying if she isn’t his real daughter, then what is she.


Many revelations this episode, a lot of interesting stuff and I’m mostly happy with finally reaching the major arc that I thought we’d get. I am however disappointed that the next episode isn’t a continuation of Hershel’s story or going into the bombshell dropped on us at the end of the episode with Katrielle seemingly not Hershel’s daughter. For those who’ve played the games, it’s probably not as surprising, I can’t remember if there were more than one instance of this, but I remember the Azran legacy as the last game I played where Layton ended up caring for Aurora. So Katrielle being someone he’s caring for that relates to a huge mystery doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that Layton would leave her with only this sad message and fail to stay in any contact.

That said, the final message could be to push her onto the mystery instead of waiting around for Hershel to return. We probably won’t find out for a long time as we’re going back to ‘normal’ mysteries. I compared this show to Conan before, and it’s now become much more like it, in that we get the odd episode here and there continuing the storyline, but then the majority of the episodes are day to day mysteries that follow the same formula of episodics.

I believe the biggest thinking point is how the relics relate to Katrielle, it’s not like this is some sort of ancient civilisation, although I won’t continue that line of thought as if you are looking to play Azran Legacy it would be spoilers. Either way, without much else to go on apart from that it’s the Avengers Infinity stones all over again and that Katrielle is somehow related, I won’t try to guess what’s going on. Maybe she’s part of the treasure, maybe she’s part of the stones, or maybe it’s something much bigger.

I remember mentioning before wanting to see how Luke was and I’m glad to see him doing well and even married. Although that threw up a lot of questions about Luke and Hershel’s relationship. If you’ve not played the games, I will say that Luke self-proclaimed himself Hershel’s apprentice and they were inseparable. So when Hershel didn’t know Marina, I was extremely surprised. Surely Luke would’ve introduced his wife to Hershel? They’re both Luke’s partners in one form or another.

Also on a separate note completely, if Luke’s married, that means quite a few years have passed since the old games. In which case I have to say, Hershel has aged very well, or should I say, not at all by the acrobatics he demonstrated at the British Museum.

In any case, we’ve broken form from the ‘traditional’ Layton episode formula, much welcomed to see what Hershel was up to. As mentioned above, sadly we look to be back to normal again next episode and I doubt we’ll make any progress down the main story arc until part 2 of Rosa’s story, so I guess we’ll just have to sit tight and wait. In the meantime, I have started to look at summer anime, and hope to have my preview out soon. I definitely want to come back to blogging this again if I am to move on in the summer, however I will likely only pick it up again when the main story is back on. Now that we’ve seen a glimpse of it I am eager to blog the rest of it as the Relics mystery unravels.