Mystery at New Cinema Paradise


Katrielle and Noah visit the theatre for a premiere screening of a movie called I Love Oceans by director Harry Gilmont. But during the climax kiss scene, the movie blacks out. Katrielle enthusiastically takes on this mystery.

They gather some information after talking to Harry and learn that the editor, Harper, was not happy with the kiss scene.  Katrielle goes to talk to Harper and gets our first clue that the film was checked by Harper and Harry before they handed it over for the screening. The person they gave it to was Amon, the technician. Katrielle visits Amon for the second clue that Amon is a massive machine maniac and has named the film projectors as Albertina and Rosalinda. Whilst with him, they meet a hill myna named Priske who likes popcorn giving us our third clue.

Influenced by this, Katrielle goes to get more popcorn, and the salesman tells them that Priske is let out of its cage when it eats popcorn, though that’s a secret, and is also our final clue.

Katrielle figures everything out and explains that Priske pooed on the film so that part had to be cut out by Amon because he couldn’t allow something so dirty into Albertina, the newest of the film projectors.

With the kiss scene gone, Harry is convinced by Harper to change it to pay homage to a classic film of his. With that unexpected change, the film becomes a huge hit.

Thoughts – pre solution

Clearly the culprit is the machine weirdo, I don’t think they can make it any more obvious that he either did it, or knows something about it. I guess the question is why he’d do it, and my guess is something to do with the machines. Maybe because Albertina is new and shouldn’t see such scenes?

So I’ve got onto Myna who likes popcorn, perhaps he ate it mistaking it for popcorn? Or whilst eating Priske got popcorn onto the film making it dirty so Amon couldn’t put it into Albertina?

Oh wait, so I just reached the final clue and didn’t realise it was over so quickly, er… apart from my quick thoughts as above, I’m not sure of much else, doesn’t seem like a lot more was given. So either I’m right, or it’s gone in some whacky direction that’s not predictable.

Thoughts – post solution

I guess I was on the right track at least, I didn’t go far enough down the digestion route and just thought there was more chances of food spilling on the film rather than a very well aimed bit of poo.

Anyways, that was interesting and kinda funny, but I really have no further words for it. So I’ll just give a quick update on my situation. Basically I’m swamped with work, I’ve still got the blogs for Digimon Tri final movie and season preview to do. I’m clearly very far behind with Layton as well, but I may switch to another anime in the new season, which might work for me so I can cut this off here and start afresh! That said, I do plan to come back when Hershel’s arc is back on, but no idea when that’s going to happen and considering this is 50 episodes, I may be waiting a while. In any case, I’ll keep writing and I’ll update again once I know what I’m planning to do.