Our Future


Part 1 – Episode 22

We restart after Tai falls into the chasm and the real world is being swallowed up by the Digital World. Distortions linking to the real world appear in the Digital World and using one of those, the remaining digidestined return to the real world. Also in the real world, aggressive Digimon start appearing everywhere and wreaking havoc.

All the digidestined arrive back and slowly comes to terms with everything that’s going on. But as night falls, a huge distortions appear in the real world and Ordinemon appears.

Part 2 – Episode 23

Ordinemon flounders about the city destroying anything it comes in contact with with a single touch. All the digidestined rush out to meet it in battle. Unfortunately the digidestined are nowhere near strong enough and their team is wiped into in-training form. Hackmon now appears in front of the digidestined and tells them that Homeostasis will reboot the real world as it will be destroyed soon otherwise.

Evil Jennai enjoys the show from the side-lines but is also greeted by Hackmon.

Tai wakes up somewhere in the Digital world with a heavily injured Daigo. They find the sleeping bodies of all the adventure 02 protagonists on life support as they were ‘removed’ after figuring out Yggdrasil’s plan.

Daigo explains that he knew they were missing, but was not allowed to tell anyone with the order from Himekawa who was after the reboot to revive her Tapirmon.

Evil Jennai appears and halts everyone’s life support. He tells them that the only way to save them is to send them to the real world, but that would destroy this facility. However he’s kindly prepared one escape pod for both Tai and Daigo.

Part 3 – Episode 24

Daigo tricks Tai onto the only escape pod and sends him along with the others back to the real world as he realises he’s bleeding out and doesn’t have long left.

In the real world, Mei successfully lures Ordinemon to the water and everyone receives news from Izzy that adventure 02 kids are safe in hospital.

The military moves in for an attack to no avail and once again the Digidestined digivolve their Digimon again to fight Ordinemon in open waters.

Evil Jennai this time appears in front of Kari and TK and mentally harasses her about losing Tai and summons out Devimon to take out TK and Patamon.

Part 4 – Episode 25

Kari enters a dream like state and is able to converse with Gatomon and Meicoomon with Wizardmon’s help. Gatomon tells Kari that Meicoomon wants to be saved and wants her suffering to end. She also gives Kari a message, ‘all the light is within Meicoomon’.

At this moment the reboot of the real world starts counting down on Izzy’s laptop screen, they have 10 minutes. The battle seems over as Ordinemon defeats all of the Digimon once more.

Izzy then calls for a meeting and unveils something huge, that before the first reboot, all of the Digimon’s data was saved onto Meicoomon, explaining Gatomon’s message, the tremendous power she had and also why she was the only one with memory of pre-reboot. There is also some locked data that requires a password which Izzy believes to be the key in turning Meicoomon back. Thinking back to when they were first together, Mei remembers a word of which the password could be and unlocks the file. With that, all of the data starts being restored and all the Digimon’s memories flood back to their original owners.

The restoration process should complete before the reboot countdown of the real world. Hackmon digivolves to Jesmon and cuts free Gatomon from Ordinemon. The reboot stops with 11 seconds remaining.

Unfortunately though, Ordinemon still hasn’t changed back and Yggdrasil decides to take advantage of all of the empty data space to reform Ordinemon to attack again.

Part 5 – Episode 26

Mei wants to help Ordinemon but is almost skewered and saved by a just on time Tai. With Omnimon back, they go on the offensive. With the help of Mei’s light, all Digimon combine into Omnimon to form Omnimon Merciful mode.

Omnimon MM slices through Ordinemon with ease and Meicoomon thanks Mei and bids farewell.

Evil Jennai disappears through a distortion muttering to himself about going for Daemon or Diaboromon next.

3 months later everything is being rebuilt, Homeostasis shuts down Yggdrasil in the Digital World and all of the Digimon that invaded the real world have returned to the Digital World. Izzy continues his research to access the Digital world more easily through distortions and taking in what Nishijima said, Tai decides to change career paths.


Okay, so my first thought about this movie is that it was much better than the other ones. I may be biased because of the amount of action involved and whilst it was dark, it wasn’t as ridiculous as some other scenes from previous movies. Also I can’t remember if I mentioned it before in previous movies, but I still can’t get used to the new art for the Digimon. I feel like I know what they’re going for, but it just feels wrong, it doesn’t incite nostalgia for me and that makes up a lot of my reasoning for watching this.

What I liked from this episode was all of the Digimon going all out, the obligatory self-sacrifice that had to be with every shounen series, and the ridiculous amount of adrenaline fuelled moments that makes it exciting to watch. Like the last minute saves from the reboot to Tai coming back.

What I don’t like was that they didn’t really close on much. I keep harping on about it, but at least Adventure 02 ‘ended it’, here we almost have a cliffhanger with evil Jennai looking to continue harassing powerful Digimon. I thought he would return to normal, and maybe it’s just me and how long it is between each movie, but I’ve long forgotten what the battle between Yggdrasil and Homeostasis was. I think I remember the jist of it, but reminders in the finale movie can’t hurt. Also most importantly we never confirmed if Joe’s girlfriend was a myth or not!

Speaking of girlfriends, after Adventure 02 ending, I always wondered who the nameless partners were, e.g. Tai’s other half being the main one of interest here, and given this is supposedly canon and how close he got to Meiko, could she be it? I was actually fairly oblivious that there was anything going on between them until this episode, so I feel like I need to rewatch the other ones, or at least parts where they got close.

On the topic of being canon, I thought the time when all of the Digimon’s memories flooded back from Meicoomon would’ve been the best time to showcase that it’s canon by including pictures of Adventure 01 and 02. I looked fairly closely, and maybe I need to look again, but I didn’t spot anything that looked old enough to be 01 or 02.

One thing I was curious about was the mechanics of digivolution without the partner being there and no digivice. This takes me back all the way to the original series where I believe it was mentioned that digivices held the power to digivolution and without it they can’t digivolve. I remember quite famously how Leomon digivolved to saberleomon as he came in contact with the digivice’s power. I feel like this would’ve been something that I’d have had a lot of interest in if I was watching the original series and also blogging it. My point is that Koromon could get to Agumon, but no further, so was in training to rookie okay without digivice? Also I can’t remember the explanations for all the digimon that are already champion, ultimate and mega etc and how they got there.

Another intricacy, which again I probably would’ve picked up on in the original series, is the fact that Digimon don’t die right? When Gabumon was talking about staying with Matt until ripe old age it made me think about this. So it’s a fairly sad life for the Digital life forms then as they’ll all continue to live on whilst they best friends age. Reminds me of Spice and Wolf, but I guess people should live in the moment more.

It was good that just when I was wondering about the Adventure 02 kids again, they appeared. But it was a huge shame they didn’t do anything. I felt like we were led on a little as they were ‘mentioned’ in the first movie and I’m pretty sure there was some hype. I’m not sure about you, but I feel that most people who watched 01 would’ve at least checked out 02 and I don’t quite agree with leaving them completely out. They were just as much my childhood as 01 was. I still got up early on weekends to catch the episodes on TV.

A small note, I decided to go for full dub name usage on this blog as coming back to tri again reminded me how extremely unfamiliar I am with their actual names…

Another small point relating to the original series, I do seem to be full of them today for some reason. Maybe because this is over and I’m remembering back to those wonderful carefree childhood days enjoying Digimon on the TV. In any case, I was surprised at how Magnaangemon struggled with those champions. I remember back in the original show as soon as you reached the next stage e.g. ultimate, no one from an earlier stage, e.g. champion, could touch you. They kinda really emphasised that as I remember it.

Anywho, apart from sounding like a really old guy reminiscing about the past, as mentioned, this episode was better and more enjoyable. I’ve been getting back into Digimon as well with the mobile game Digimon Links which I play now and then and also hopefully the new Cyber Sleuth soon when I finish my current games. So I will continue my nostalgia elsewhere!