Professor Layton and the Hidden Relics – Episode 2


On a stormy sea and a sinking ship, Luke stays behind to help a woman named Kamilla give birth as everyone else runs for the lifeboats. The baby is born safely, but Kamilla can’t make it. She tells Luke to bring the baby to Hershel Layton in London so he can find her father, Kyle Azan, an archaeologist who went missing as he got too close to the relics’ puzzle.

Luke arrives back in London and fills Layton in, but he doesn’t know any Kamilla or Kyle Azan. He does take the case of the Relics and looking after the baby. For now, before they can find out who her real father is, Layton will say it’s her daughter and names her Katrielle. After a number of years with no luck finding Kyle, Layton formally adopts her.

Fast forward to meeting Luke again from episode 1, the day comes when Hershel and Luke set out on their journey to figure out the relic stones. Hershel first figures out that there is no Kyle Azan, there is only Kamilla Azan, meaning that Katrielle’s real father may not be alive anymore. However, they will continue Kamilla’s wish and figure out the secret to the Relic stones.

Hershel’s first clue came from the 6 stones that they have, when gathered together they would loop point at the next one, but rearranged in size assuming each one was a corresponding continent on a map, it would point to a specific point on the map.

They go to that specific location and find a hidden location in a cave. That location turns out to be the bottom of another cave. Layton deduces that Kamilla must’ve gotten to this point but had to go back to London as she already sold the stones and she needed them for the next step. Hershel has the stones this time and using them, he opens a path to the relic’s door, but sadly that’s all Rosa knows.

Katrielle doesn’t believe that Hershel’s deduction was correct however and believes that Kamilla came back to London so she could obtain a seventh stone. With this in mind, she also decides to take on this case and solve it for herself.


I’m pretty sure this has been the longest break I’ve taken from blogging, so it actually feels really weird coming back to it. But I did say I would do the next part of the ‘real’ story behind Hershel Layton, so here I am!

My first thought was that the first scene felt way too unrealistic. If you’re on a sinking ship with so many others around, I’m sure there’d be enough people on board with the decency to help out a pregnant woman with a new baby coming. I know some people may have lost hope in humanity but I certainly haven’t! Regardless, it was needed for the story, but in all honesty I think they could’ve still rescued her and let her die on the boat if they needed her ‘out of the way’, I just felt it was a horrible way to go, at least she saw her child.

Rants aside, I was disappointed with how ‘normal’ Katrielle’s history turned out to be. You might be wondering what the hell I’m on about, but if you’ve played all the games you might understand a bit more. In any case, I was hoping for another Aurora type backstory, or along that line of story, even the name was similar to Azran. Sadly though as I don’t want spoilers for any of the games I won’t say anymore, but if you’ve played the game you’ll know what I’m on about.

I did have questions regarding Katrielle’s real father and also how Luke and Kamilla met up, but most of that was answered throughout the episode. Though I still don’t get how Luke and Kamilla was on the same boat. Luke is coming back from America to London, and Kamilla, if their deductions were correct regarding her going back to London from the relic location, was travelling from somewhere in Syria. Which I found slightly distasteful in this current world… but let’s not bring that into things. So yeah, how the two met is still a mystery in my view. I’m not going to dwell on it, but I do think that a mystery game should have all their bases covered. Perhaps they’ll explain further next episode.

As it was more of a ‘history’ lesson to Katrielle than anything else, those are my comments, i.e. a bit too bland for Layton. But perhaps the truth behind the Relics will reveal something that will be much more interesting. We’ve just got to get there first.

Obviously the main question now is, if Hershel and Luke figured everything out, why are they still missing? And actually, how can they have figured everything out if they’ve yet to obtain that seventh relic stone? Perhaps they’re hunting the seventh stone in some place more dangerous that Syria and so have been unable to get in contact? Or perhaps without the seventh stone they trapped themselves inside that cave and are now no more than skeletons (I doubt this one). My main thought is that they do know there’s a seventh but something happened during that hunt meaning they can’t contact the outside world. However we’ll see soon when Katrielle takes action!

Update: As this is the first time I’ve blogged properly in a while I thought it’d be a good time to do a quick update. My plan as of yet has not changed and I still plan to return to ‘normal’ blogging next season (which is pretty much now I’m aware).  With that said, I will do new season preview at some point in the next week or so and check out what’s good to blog these days. I still plan to keep up with Layton blogs every 10 episodes as well.