The goblins move in after hearing Eugeo’s voice but Kirito moves first and reaches the boss goblin whilst Eugeo deals with the smaller ones.

Kirito successfully cuts off the boss goblin’s arm but is heavily injured in the fight. Eugeo tries to help but is fatally wounded soon after. Seeing this, Kirito gets back up and successfully kills the goblin boss through willpower and with Selka’s arts, they manage to revive Eugeo.

After the battle, both Kirito and Eugeo’s ‘Authority’ reaches a level where they can wield the Blue Rose Sword and with its power, they chop down the Gigas Cidar.

The town holds a party to celebrate the destruction of the Gigas Cidar and allows Eugeo to pick a new calling which he chooses to be a swordsman. With that, Eugeo and Kirito set off towards Central City to learn their new craft.


For an anime with Sword in its name, this took a little too long to get into actual sword action for my taste. I mean okay we did have the lighsabers in GGO at the start, but I still don’t count it, not archaic enough.

The first shock, apart from Kirito not butchering up everyone in mere seconds with some sort of ridiculous dual wield esque abilities, is the sight of blood in a game. Now I’m not quite sure why they decided to do this and not in the original SAO, but it did have a good factor of realism. Plus it made the pain look real. Both of which would’ve benefited SAO where people actually died, but nevermind. Though I did think maybe they were a little over the top with the goblin losing an arm, then again, if they did want to go over the top I’m sure we would’ve seen Eugeo sliced in half. All I’ll say is that I’m glad they didn’t take a leaf from Goblin Slayer’s book.

It was a good action scene with no notable flaws, and very enjoyable. I mean it is what I’m here to watch after all. The authority thing was fleshed out a tiny bit more too this episode, but nothing unexpected in the mechanics of it there and they finally fell the great tree. I do wonder if there’s more to the authority mechanic apart from the ‘level requirement for wielding’.

The transition then into Eugeo’s choosing of his next calling means that the pair finally leave the town after becoming good friends in a short space of time. The relationship as I mentioned before is an interesting one as this will be his first male friend, again not counting Klein. In any case, this is of course just the start of the journey, it’ll be a long road before reaching Central City.