Professor Layton and the Hidden Relics – Episode 3


4 days before Layton and Luke lose contact with the outside world, they climb to the top of the cave and reach the door that guards the relic’s secrets. After a spot of puzzle solving, they open the door but then is shocked to see nothing as it seems the relic’s secrets were removed over a hundred years ago.

They leave the cave and deduce that the relic’s secret had been transported to Southampton due to the huge size of the port.

Back in London, Katrielle readies herself to dive into the Relic’s puzzle. She visits a library first and also deduces that the relics mystery was solved years ago. She finds a ledger of all items sold on auctions in London in the past 200 years and notices that all the relic stones were put up on auction periodically starting from 110 years ago meaning that the mystery must’ve been solved around then and the person who solved it wanted to scatter the stones so no one else would discover it.

2 days before Layton and Luke’s disappearance, they arrive back in London and try to figure out who could’ve taken the relic’s secret. Layton believes two people were involved, one provided the funds and the other to solve the mysteries. The latter he believes to be Rufus Aldebaran a renowned puzzle solver. After hearing a story of Aldebaran assisting Earl Dellendar, Layton is certain they’re connected. They learn that Dellendar built Cranscoll Cathedral in Southampton before he died and therefore that must be where the mystery of the relics are.

Back in present day, Katrielle also figures out that the relics mystery leads to Southampton and so heads there too.


We are back to the relics story and Layton and Luke are in for a surprise as they find everything has been taken. So sadly, even though I was told that we’re back onto this storyline again, we have to wait a little longer to find out what’s so special about the relic’s treasure. After all, an innocent man was charged with murder for it. Which was quite sad as I was hoping Aldebaran would be more a Kaito Kid kind of person, but it looks like he’ll be the bad guy.

I was also a little disappointed by how easy it was to open the relic’s door and we weren’t treated to a more interesting puzzle. Though I guess I’m not sure what I was expecting as the puzzle side will always be hugely different from game to anime.

Another disappointment comes in the form of Katrielle as whilst it was nice to see her finally getting to the bottom of the relic’s mystery, we didn’t really see how she did it. It feels a little rushed for her to suddenly figure everything out without going anywhere and I wanted to know her thought processes a little more. Whatever reason, the anime seems to want to rush onwards to the father and daughter reunion.

Apart from that, not much more was said that would add anything to this plotline. I mean I will always commend Hershel’s nimbleness and quick thinking at his age but we’ve seen it all before. The only big revelation is that the treasure’s long gone which was a disappointment in itself. After bigging up the whole mystery of the relics and its difficulty, it turns out someone got there beforehand anyway. Also out of nowhere, Katrielle easily figures everything out, something which felt much more intricate and mysterious when Layton was involved. Perhaps Katrielle is better, but it doesn’t feel right.

So in the end for me, the episode seemed rushed to move everything onto the main focus of this scattered arc, one that you can never get into because of the spacing of the episodes, which is hopefully reuniting Katrielle with Layton and also finding the relic’s secrets. I’m hoping this secret won’t disappoint as well and Katrielle’s past secrets also come to light. Though I’m starting to think she’s not as related to the relics as previously thought as perhaps Kamilla was just a treasure hunter and not actually related to the relics. That said, I do wonder what happened to her father. I’m aware that next episode does continue this plot, so hopefully it’ll reveal all.