Professor Layton and the Hidden Relics Episode 4

Katrielle explains that she found that Drake Dellendar was the person who purchased the relic stones the most and so believes him to be the person who found the relics. But he’s long dead, though she notes that Drake expanded the Cranscoll cathedral in Southampton and heads there as her only lead to the relics.

After she gets off the boat in Southampton, we get our first clue, which is a white hat that a customer of the boat left behind by accident. Second clue swiftly follows with confirmation of Layton and Luke’s arrival eleven years ago. After hearing about how the Cranscoll cathedral is the town’s trademark, which is the third clue, Katrielle thinks she’s figured everything out.

Or not quite everything, but she does deduce that the expansion of Cranscoll cathedral was to hide the relics there.

Back to Layton and Luke, they arrive in Southampton and make their way to Cranscoll cathedral. Before they go into the Cathedral, Layton moves some of the bricks around the floor of the entrance of the cathedral to leave Katrielle a message. He confronts the priest there about the relics and is surrounded by armed men. They’ve also taken Marina hostage and Layton and Luke surrender.

Katrielle arrives at the Cathedral in present day and figures out Layton’s message to know that he was here and ventures in. She confronts the same priest and has the backing of the local police and they capture the priest before he can do anything.

They figure out a trapdoor in the cathedral leading to a basement and go downstairs to see the relics where they find both Luke and Layton, asleep, in weird containers.


I’m probably going to be very harsh here, but I honestly thought we would get to the bottom of everything this episode. I understand that there’s still a lot of the season left so perhaps I was expecting too much, but with everything pointing towards Southampton and the Cathedral, I didn’t expect much else needed to be figured out apart from what the relic actually is. In the end we didn’t get an answer, though I can almost guess what the relics are, something to do with cryogenic sleep probably as it would explain why after eleven years Luke and Layton aren’t dead, assumedly.

But otherwise the entire episode felt almost like a recap of what we’ve already learnt and it also felt that getting to the Cathedral itself was a bit of a chore. Maybe I read the situation wrong and having the perspective of both Layton/Luke and Katrielle clouded my judgment on how much Katrielle knew, but after deducing Southampton the natural step was the cathedral. After thinking more on it, I guess the Cathedral was more speculation and rather implied from Layton/Luke’s side, so Katrielle would’ve needed to figure it out herself. Though if that’s the case, it feels a little poor in terms of storytelling if you’re doing both sides and going through the same thing.

Regardless, at the end of the day we didn’t learn anything new, apart from that the priest likes bread. Jokes aside, the pollution of the crops around the area was an interesting point, but given how Layton mysteries love to involve the ground and crops, I wasn’t really surprised by it.

The most interesting part was probably how one of the hooded evil people got away, perhaps he infiltrated the police? And I’m assuming he’s now locked everyone in the underground dungeon.  Though with the entire police force of Southampton, I’m sure screaming loud enough will get them out right?

Anyways, it looks like we’ll have to wait another episode before the big reveal of the relics mystery, however long that wait is. Though I think my guess of cryogenic technology shouldn’t be far off, but they talked about ground pollution, so there’s probably more to it, and I certainly hope that’s the case. Perhaps a plethora of futuristic technology that shouldn’t be used? This is starting to sound more and more like the Azran Legacy… not that I mind as I enjoyed that game.