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Right, I’m going to stick with the BanG Dream for another song because as you know, all best things comes in threes. This one isn’t from the last episode, though it was featured, but given that I’m blogging about the songs in the anime it would be weird if I didn’t give a bit more attention to its opening theme, especially as it was quite a good song. Here is Kizuna Music by Poppin’ Party.

This week’s SOTW is the new VRAINS opening.

VRAINS is going great as far as themes go, isn’t it? ‘BOY’, ‘glory’, ‘go forward’, ‘Are you ready?’ and ‘Writing Life’ were all great, and this one follows suit.

Plus, that animation hypes me up for what’s coming in the next few episodes. And we got an updated animation for ‘Are you ready?’ with some character’s “new forms”, so to speak.

Anyway, here’s the video, as usual:


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After rewatching the final episode of BanG Dream a few times I found that I was actually in love with most of the songs that was introduced in the episode, especially from the band I think is the most aesthetically pleasing band, Roselia. So I won’t blog all of the songs, but I will at least put another one as SOTW, here is Firebird by Roselia.

This week’s post is late again, but I was working from the start of the week, then had an overnight shift to do. So, being posted today really makes sense when you look at it that way.

This week is one of my favourite anime theme animations of recent years (and maybe ever?). From the beginning with the birds on the telephone wires being the first few notes sung by the seiyuu (and moving in time when they’re sung) to the ridiculously smooth animation of something like a book’s pages being flipped through (which I didn’t realise I needed to see before watching this), this opening is very impressive.

And yes, the song is sung by the seiyuu of the main girls. So is the ending, which is a nice animation on its own, but for different reasons.

Anywho, here’s the video:


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