This week’s SOTW is the ending equivalent to my last SOTW’s opening.

I’ve been loving En’en no Shouboutai’s anime. The animation really is top quality, and you can tell they’ve poured a lot into this series. That being said, the OP/ED animations aren’t slouches either, with the prime example being this week’s SOTW.

This ED is amazing, and easily my favourite currently-airing ED theme (although, since the animation upgrade, Black Clover’s ED 8 has grown on me a lot). The animation stars Company 8’s resident sister, Iris, and her backstory, which we’ll get to in the anime pretty soon. The animation starts on a happy note with the upbeat pre-verse melody, but when that bridge comes in – man, when that bridge comes in. That’s an excellent shift in tone, with some great art to match it.

Anyway, I’m now rambling. Here’s the video:


Ending Edit: