OP: Graphite/Diamond by May`n
ED: Hikari no Michishirube by Kano

Episode 1: Mobilization: The Girls of the Sea

AL-E1-01 Always time for tea

Always time for tea

Earth’s oceans are attacked by an alien force known as “sirens”. These sirens are defeated by a naval alliance of 4 major nations; Iron Blood, Eagle Union, Royal Navy and the Sakura Empire. The sirens are defeated and as the years go by, the alliance drifts apart, with the Iron Blood and Sakura Empire separating from the Eagle Union and Royal Navy.

AL-E1-02 Wake me up when it's bedtime

Wake me up when it’s bedtime

Reinforcements are sent to the Azure Lane Base as Prince of Wales and Cleveland go to greet Illustrious and the shy Unicorn. Meanwhile Ayanami of the Sakura Empire is covertly observing the base. Prince of Wales, Cleveland and Illustrious discuss the intentions of Iron Blood and Sakura Empire and that reinforcing the base is a good strategy.

AL-E1-03 I'm No.1!

I’m No.1!

On the grounds, Unicorn meets Javelin, who tells her that she is looking for her friend “U-Chan”. Javelin offers to help her. Javelin and Unicorn ask Laffey, who also offers to help. Together the girls ask everyone on the base; the Fletcher-class* and the C-class ships*. They ask Kent when Amazon directs them up to the cliff, probably for a better view. Upon the cliff, “U-Chan” is chasing a butterfly and bumps into Ayanami. The girls get to the cliff and find “U-Chan” and Ayanami. The girls introduce themselves to Ayanami, who disappears when the girls are startled.

AL-E1-04 Strike the pose

Strike the pose

Ayanami reports in to Kaga and Akagi who then start to attack the base. Prince of Wales orders the interception, while Cleveland runs into battle and attacks the incoming planes. All of the girls mobilize and begin defending the base. Kaga and Akagi move in stating that they will use Siren technology to defeat the Sirens. Unicorn attacks the incoming planes which attracts the attention of Kaga. Javelin tries to intervene, but is stopped by Ayanami.

AL-E1-05 I'm all wet

I’m all wet

Ayanami attacks Javelin, with Laffey injured from protecting Javelin. Kaga attacks Unicorn, who is shot down. Kaga is about to deal the final blow on Unicorn, when a lone fighter takes down Kaga’s wolf. Akagi looks to the ocean and spots another ship, Enterprise. Enterprise launches a squadron of fighters and enters the battle. She dodges all the attacks and takes down Kaga’s wolf. Enterprise manages to get up to Kaga and hits her with an attack point blank.

AL-E1-06 Engage!


Akagi orders Kaga to withdraw with the arrival of Prince of Wales and Illustrious, claiming that they got what they need, with Zuikaku reinforcing the retreat. Ayanami breaks off her battle with Javelin and pulls out as well. Kaga and Akagi leave declaring that the Sakura Empire and Iron Blood formed an alliance called the “Red Axis” and that they are at war.

*(Fletcher-class – Foote, Aulick, Charles Ausburne, Thatcher, Spence and of course Fletcher)
*(C-Class ships – Comet, Cygnet and Crescent)

AL-E1-07 Dodge This!

Dodge This!


So yes I am back to blogging and I’ll see if I can keep this up. So I picked this one up as I have been playing the mobile game for nearly a year now and I have invested quite a lot of time into the game. This means that I am very knowledgeable on the characters without the pop up. So far the storyline follows closely to the main story quest in the game; Eagle Union vs. Sakura Empire. I predicted that Cleveland would be a main character and that she would be too over-confident and will ignore her comrades for glory. However she seems to me more mature and caring, so I think the “showboat” would be San Diego as shown by her loud song on the microphone in the short scene we see.

Javelin is the other main character along with Laffey. Laffey was actually my first ship in the game with Javelin last (Ayanami is the last ship you get, but Javelin was the last of the 3 starter ships; she just wouldn’t drop or build for me). Javelin is still in my fleet helping me grind XP for the construction shipyard. Laffey is the same as she is in game; half-asleep but I am not using her at the moment as I am focused on the Royal Navy XP construction grind. Nor do I have Unicorn in the fleets as I have other Carriers with higher stats than her; although her skill heals your fleet.

Ayanami is shown to be very reluctant to fight with the girls and she seems to hesitate during her fight with Javelin. I get the feeling that she may switch sides in future episodes, we will see. Enterprise is obviously very distant and Illustrious refers to some suffering which I speculate that it has to do with one of her sister carriers, but I am not going to spoil it; players of the game will know and people with knowledge of history. Illustrious is one of the carriers I still use, but Prince of Wales was just a pain with me obtaining her just recently through a special wish event; so she is still Lv.1!

The Sakura ships I haven’t really used that much, once again Royal Navy XP grind. I have Kaga but no Akagi as of yet; she just won’t drop no matter how many times I replay the mission. However, they seem to be very alluring and suggestive which I think for the enemy is a bit cliché for me. So no Iron Blood ships as of this episode but will see them soon, as with the OP scene. I quite like the opening theme more so than the ED theme, maybe it will grow on me. The animation is amazingly detailed, especially the battle scenes. I also think the animators have thrown in the ship images that they do in the game in the anime, so it is a nice nod to the game and the artist.

I may throw in a few updates of my progress in the game, maybe a list on my current fleets and what I am currently working on. I might also pick up another anime to blog but I don’t know yet as work tends to psychologically drain me, so most days off and free time I have is mainly taken up by gaming so I can unwind. However a lot of the new anime this season has pique my interest so I have to see.